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White Potato Vine Solanum alba 8ft-10ft 7litre    69.99 CLICK Wisteria macroboytrys (Purple Rain)  39.99-79.99  CLICK Juniper Blue Alps blue evergreen Japanese Cloud Tree 45inch inc. pot 245.00  CLICK 5ft Trachycarpus fortunei hardy palm tree 17inch trunk, 149.99 CLICK Japanese Red Temple Cedar 3.5ft 10litre  59.99  CLICK




4ft-5ft Grape Vine Vitis Chardonnay, 6ft White Table Grape Vine Vitis sylvaner, 8-9ft White Potato Vine Solanum alba, 9-10ft Passion Flower passiflora cerulea, 9-10ft Tulip Tree Lirodendron tulipfera 25litre, 12inch Metasequoia Dan Redwood Outdoor Bonsai Tree, Juniper Blue Carpet 10litre, Japanese Red Temple Cedar Cryptomeria elegans compacta, 5ft & 6.5ft Wisteria Golden King, 4ft Acacia dealbata, Wisteria alba 6.5ft, Wisteria rosea 6.5ft, Dicksonia antarctica tree fern 2ft trunks, 5ft Trachycarpus fortunei Hardy Palm Tree, 5ft Wisteria prolific 3L, 3.5ft Austrian Black Pine Pinus nigra austriaca, 8ft-9ft Acacia pravissima, 6ft Japanese Black Pine Pinus thunbergii 25litre, Schizophragma Rose Sensation Japanese Climbing Hydrangea, Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree, Ostrich Fern 10litre Matteucia , Acer Orange Dream Outdoor Bonsai Tree, Acer aureum Outdoor Bonsai Japanese Maple, 4.5ft Portugese Laurel Prunus lusitanica, 6ft Wisteria macroboytrys Purple Rain, 45inch Dwarf Taxodium Cascade Falls, Shade Border Collection, 10litre Cortaderia pumilla Dwarf Pampas Grass, 4.5ft Dwarf Red Leaf Japanese Cherry Prunus Royal Burgundy, 45inch Japanese Larch (Larix) Cloud Tree, 4ft Dwarf Robinia Twisty Baby, Chinese Larch Outdoor Bonsai Tree, Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Acer senkaki, 45inch Juniper Blue Alps Cloud Tree, 4ft Prunus okame, 42inch Juniper pfitzerianna cloud bonsai tree, 4ft Golden Bean Tree, 4ft Green Indian Bean Tree, 5ft Prunus kojo no mai Japanese Cherry, 4ft Japanese Apricot Prunus beni-chidori, 4ft Japanese Cherry Prunus Snow Showers,  9ft-10ft Lirodendron tulipfera, 3.5ft Mahonia Charity5ft Jasmine Clotted Cream, 5ft Fig Brown Turkey, 5ft Red Seedless Grape Vine Vitis Suffolk Red, 6ft Rhus typhina Staghorn Sumach Tree,  6ft Dwarf Blue Gum Tree Eucalyptus Frances Bleu,  Wisteria prolific 9-10ft ,  5ft Green Bamboo Phyllostachys bissetti, 5ft Golden Bamboo Phyllostachys aurea, 4ft Arrow Bamboo Bambusa metake9ft-10ft Chocolate Vine Akebia quinata



45inch Dwarf Swamp Cypress Taxodium Cascade Falls 59.99  CLICK 18inch-2ft Acer Orange Dream Hardy Outdoor Bonsai Tree  79.99 CLICK Wisteria prolific 7L 6.5ft 69.99, 12L 9-10ft 89.99  CLICK 2ft Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree (Outdoor)   225.00 CLICK 6.5ft Cercis Ruby Falls 199.99 CLICK

4ft Dwarf Prunus Okame Japanese Cherry 5litre 49.99  CLICK  6ft Juniper Blue Alps Cloud Bonsai Tree  at  2395.00 CLICK 4ft Dwarf Twisted Locust Tree Robinia Twisty Baby  59.99 CLICK 5ft Eucalyotus gunni 7litre 29.99 CLICK Japanese Black P:ine Pinus thunbergii 25litre 5.5ft-6ft inc. pot 159.99  CLICK

8ft-9ft Acacia pravissima 10litre 124.99 CLICK

9ft-10ft Lirodendron tulipfera  124.99  CLICK

4ft Acacia dealbata Gaulois Asteris 7litre    29.99 CLICK

 Juniper Grey Owl Cloud 'S' Tree 4ft at  295.00 CLICK

5ft Rhus typhina Staghorn Sumach  10litre 59.99  CLICK

12litre 8ft-9ft Clematis montana Tetrarose 69.99  CLICK Solanum glasnevin Purple Potato Vine 7litre 8ft-9ft size   69.99 CLICK Hardy 9ft-10ft Climber Collections 225.00/380.00 CLICK 3ft 3litre Sphora Sun King 29.99 CLICK  Hardy Japanese Banana Musa basjoo  2ft trunk 45.00,  3ft trunk 69.99, 45inch trunk 115.00 CLICK

Japanese Maple Outdoor Bonsai Tree Acer senkaki  79.99  CLICK Golden Indian Bean Tree Catalpa aurea  59.99  CLICK 4.5ft rootablled Prunus lusitanica Portugese Laurel 59.99 CLICK  Green Indian Bean Tree Catalpa bignoides nana 59.99 CLICK Hardy Japanese Climbing Hydrangea Vine 7litre  34.99  CLICK

6ft Dwarf Eucalyptus Frances Bleu 69.99 15litre CLICK 4ft-5ft Albizzia Summer Chocolate 5litre 39.99 CLICK 4ft Japanese Apricot Prunus beni-chidori 49.99 CLICK Austrian Black Pine Pinus nigra austriaca 3.5ft-4ft 10litre  59.99  CLICK 42inch Juniper pfitzerinna Japanese Cloud Tree 245 CLICK


Welcome to the internet showcase of Silk Tree Nurseries Sculptural Plants . We are a mail order,  and retail nursery in Oxford specializing in Wisteria, Grape Vines, Jungle & Exotic Plants, 6ft Climbers, Bamboo, and Japanese Plants.

We ship large plants every week all over the UK  and this website can  be used to order plants  from the nursery.

The nursery is open for visitors all year round and our opening hours vary each month (click on Contact & Map). Mail order all year round. Please click  on CONTACT & MAP on the left of this page to view a map.

Please use the links on the left of the page to navigate the sculptural plants  website.


Hardy Japanese Banana Musa basjoo  2ft trunk 45.00,  3ft trunk 69.99, 45inch trunk 115.00 CLICK

Golden Indian Bean Tree Catalpa aurea  59.99  CLICK

4ft Rhus typhina Staghorn Sumach 7litre 39.99, 10litre 59.99  CLICK

Albizzia Summer Chocolate Hardy Red Silk Tree 79,99  CLICK

Dwarf Pampass Grass Cortedaria pumilla 10litre 24.99 CLICK


Instant Shade Border Collection (10 plants) at 110.00  CLICK

Fernery Shade Plants Border at 235.00   CLICK

Giant Jungle Border with design plans at 599.99 CLICK

Evergreen Japanese border  with design plans at 245.00   CLICK

Instant border - jungle plants, with design plans at  275.00  CLICK


SILK TREE NURSERIES, The Mill View Plant Centre, Ladder Hill, Wheatley, Oxford. OX33 1HY.



Wheatley Birds of Prey are now OPEN at the Mill View Plant Centre! (click on picture above)

Hawks, eagles, and owls for flying!

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     Vitis chardonnay, 6ft White Grape Vine Vitis sylvaner, 9-10ft Solanum alba White Potato Vine, 9-10ft Passion Flower, 9-10ft Tulip Tree Lirodendron , Juniper BLue Carpet , Cryptomeria elegans compacta,  wisteria golden king, 4ft Acacia dealbata, 6.5ft Wisteria alba, 5ft Trachcarpus fortunei hardy palm tree, Wisteria rosea 6.5ft, Dicksonia antarctica tree fern 2ft trunks, Wisteria prolific 3L 5ft, Pinus nigra austriaca, Acacia pravissima, Japanese Black P:ine Pinus thunbergii, Japanese Climbing Hydrangea, Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree, Ostrich Fern 10litre, Acer Orange Dream Bonsai Tree, Acer Jordan Hardy Outdoor Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree, Portugese Laurel rootballed, 6ft Wisteria macroboytrys, Dwarf Swamp Cypress, Shade Border Collection, Dwarf Pampas Grass, Dwarf Prunus Royal Burgundy, Japanese Larch Cloud Bonsai Tree, Robinia Twisty Baby, Chinese Larch Outdoor Bonsai Tree, Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree, 45inch Juniper Blue Alps Cloud Tree,  4ft Prunus Okame Japanese Cherry, 42inch Juniper pfitzerianna cloud tree, 4ft Indian Bean Tree, 4ft Golden Indian Bean Tree, Hardy climber collection, 5ft Prunus kojo no mai Japanese Cherry, 4ft Prunus Beni Chidori, 4ft Prunus Snow Showers, Sophora Sun King 5ft, 3ft Rhus tiger eyes, Musa ensete Maurelli, Mahonia charity, Magnolia grandiflora, 5ft Jasmine clotted cream,  5ft Eucalyptus gunni, 5ft Fig Brown Turkey, Vitis Suffolk Red red seedless grape vine, 6ft Grape Vine Vitis Boskoop Glory, 4ft Staghorn Sumach, Solanum alba, Eucalyptus Frances Bleu, Purple Potato Vine,   acer tamukeyama, WIsteria prolific, Golden Bamboo, Green Bamboo, Arrow Bamboo, 8ft-9ft Clematis montana Tetrarose, 8ft-9ft Clematis Fragrant Spring,  Kerria pleniflora,  Red Silk Tree Albizzia Summer Chocolate



    45inch Juniper Blue Alps Cloud Tree Grape Vine Vitis Boskoop Glory 245.00 CLICK

    Dwarf Pampass Grass Cortedaria pumilla 10litre 24.99 CLICK

    Eucalyptus gunni 5ft 7litre 29.99, 12litre 6ft+ 59.99 CLICK

    Eucalyptus Frances Bleu (DWARF) 6ft 12litre  79.99 CLICK