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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Our retail nursery in Oxford is now temporarily closed to the public -  we are still able to ship plants, so please continue to order via the website but please allow extra time for delivery.  




4ft-5ft Magnolia stellata Water Lilly 15litre 59.99 CLICK  6.5ft Pot Grown Prunus Snow Showers 25litre 99.99 CLICK 35litre 9-10ft Bay Hedging Laurus nobilis 149.99 CLICK 6ft Clematis montana rubens 5litre 39.99 CLICK Acer shindeshojo 10litre 49.99  CLICK




7ft-8ft Arrow Bamboo Bambusa metake, 30inch Tree Fern dicksonia antarctica, 20litre 5ft Twisted Hazel Corylus contorta, 10litre acer shindeshojo, 6ft Climbing Rose Excelsa, 7-8ft Sorbus Autumn Spire, 9-10ft Prunus kiku shidare sakura, 6ft Clematis montana rubens , 8ft Prunus Tai Haku, 6.5ft Prunus Snow Showers, 40inch Evergreen Magnolia grandiflora, 8.5ft Ginkgo biloba, 5ft Acer shindeshojo, 5ft Acer shirazz, 5.5ft Acer seiryu, 10litre Pieris Mountain Fire, 3ft-4ft Eucalyptus pauciflora Snow Gum Tree, Sollya heterophylla Bluebell Creeper, Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree, Semi-mature Prunus kojo no mai 30litre size, 6ft Magnolia soulangeana, 4.5ft Magnolia nigra, Trunked Yucca filamentosa, Pinus mugo, Vitis Chardonnay Grape Vine (new graft), Vitis sylvaner, Vitis Pinot Gris, Vitis dornfelder, 7ft-8ft Lonicera serotina Honeysuckle, 7ft Weymouth Pine Pinus strobus, 8ft Pinus nigra austriaca, 4.5ft Pinus wallichiana, 4.5ft Euclayptus gunni, Dwarf Golden Indian Bean Tree 4.5ft,  4ft Robinia Twisty Baby, 4ft Rhus typhina Sumach Tree, 7ft Acer Osakazuki, 7ft Acer Bloodgood, 8ft Acer senkaki, Bare root wholesale grape vines7litre Leycesteria Golden Lanterns, 6-7ft Evergreen Magnolia grandiflora, 5ft 10litre Climbing Rose Zephrine Drouhin, American Sweetgum Forest Bonsai Tree, 6ft Tsuga candenensis Eastern Hemlock , 2ft Edgeworthia Chrysantha, 7ft Viburnum kiliminjaro 15litre, 4ft Corokia x virgata New Zealand Netting Bush, Winter jasmine cascade style bonsai tree,  Ilex crenata bonsai tree, 5ft Cercis Forest Pansy, 5ft Eleagnus ebbingei viveleg, 5ft 25litre Portugese Laurel,   Acer firecracker, Acer aureum, Acer Orange Dream, Acer Wilsons Pink Dwarf,  6ft Juniper Blue Alps Cloud Bonsai Tree, 2ft Shell Conifer Chamacyparis nana gracilis, 56inch Cupressus goldcrest wilma3ft Weeping Himalayan Juniper recurva coxii, 6ft Aleppo Pine Pinus halepensis,   Specimen Trunked Grape Vines 4ft Italian Cypress, 6ft Cedar of Lebanon,  5L 6ft-8ft Wisteria prolific, wisteria rosea, wisteria caroline, and wisteria alba,  3.5ft Chinese Golden Lotus Banana Tree Tree Ferns Dicksonia antarctica , Evergreen Honeysuckle Lonicera Henryii



3ft Hardy Chinese Lotus Banana Tree 12litre at 29.99 CLICK 9ft Japanese Maple Acer bloodgood 35litre size 279.99 CLICK Prunus kiku shidara sakura - Pink Weeping Japanese Cherry 9-10ft 25litre  124.99 CLICK    15litre 5ft Cercis Forest Pansy 69.99  CLICK  Evergreen Magnolia grandiflora Brackens Brown Beauty 15litre 69.99 CLICK

2ft Outdoor Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree  124.99 CLICK  6ft Juniper Blue Alps Cloud Bonsai Tree  at  2395.00 CLICK Acacia pravissima 7ft 69.99 CLICK Specimen TRUNKED grape vines 5ft 199.99 CLICK 5ft Japanese Ilex crenata kimne Cloud Trees 399.99 CLICK

American Sweetgum Liquidamber Forest Outdoor Bonsai Tree 49.99  CLICK

7ft Japanese Maple species Acer palmatum 15litre 124.99 CLICK

9ft-10ft Acacia dealbata 35litre 124.99 CLICK

 Juniper Grey Owl Cloud 'S' Tree 4ft at  295.00 CLICK

7ft-7.5ft Acer Osakazuki 18litre  179.99 CLICK

7litre 2ft Japanese Paper Bush Edgeworthia chrysantha 49.99  CLICK Wisteria rosea 9ft 89.99  CLICK   Prunus tai hauku 30litre 8ft inc. pot 99.99  CLICK 3ft 10litre Acer senkaki 49.99 CLICK Lonicera serotina Honeysuckle 7litre 7-8ft 49.99, 12litre 9-10ft  69.99  CLICK

Pink Silk Tree Albizzia julibrissin rosea 7litre 6ft at 69.99  CLICK Tree Ferns Dicksonia antarctica 2ft,and 4ft, trunk size  CLICK 3litre Monkey Puzzle Tree Aracaria araucana 16-20inch at 29.99 CLICK 6.5ft-7ft Viburnum kiliminjaro 15litre 145.00 CLICK 4ft Rhus Typhina Staghorn Sumach 39.99  CLICK

56-58inch Lemon Sceneted Conifer Cupressus wilma 45.00 CLICK 4ft-5ft Albizzia Summer Chocolate 5litre 39.99 CLICK Evergreen hardy jasmine Trachleospermum jasminoides 9-10ft 15litre size 99.99  CLICK Hardy White Potato Vine Solanum alba 5ft  29.99  CLICK 5ft 20litre Twisted Hazel Corylus contorta 59.99 CLICK


Welcome to the internet showcase of Silk Tree Nurseries Sculptural Plants . We are a mail order,  and retail nursery in Oxford specializing in Wisteria, Grape Vines, Jungle & Exotic Plants, 6ft Climbers, Bamboo, and Japanese Plants.

We ship large plants every week all over the UK  and this website can  be used to order plants  from the nursery.

The nursery is open for visitors all year round and our opening hours vary each month (click on Contact & Map). Mail order all year round. Please click  on CONTACT & MAP on the left of this page to view a map.

Please use the links on the left of the page to navigate the sculptural plants  website.


Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree Pinus parviflora 124.99  CLICK

Acacia dealbata 12Litre 8ft-9ft inc. pot 69.99  CLICK

5ft, 6ft, and very tall 9-10ft specimens of evergreen honeysuckle Lonocera henryi  CLICK

Albizzia Summer Chocolate Hardy Red Silk Tree 79,99  CLICK

Ilex crenata outdoor bonsai tree 39.99 CLICK


Japanese deciduous border  with design plans at 275.00  CLICK

Fernery Shade Plants Border at 235.00   CLICK

Giant Jungle Border with design plans at 599.99 CLICK

Evergreen Japanese border  with design plans at 245.00   CLICK

Instant border - jungle plants, with design plans at  275.00  CLICK


SILK TREE NURSERIES, The Mill View Plant Centre, Ladder Hill, Wheatley, Oxford. OX33 1HY.



Wheatley Birds of Prey are now OPEN at the Mill View Plant Centre! (click on picture above)

Hawks, eagles, and owls for flying!

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    7ft-8ft Arrow Bamboo Bambusa metake, 30inch trunk Tree Fern Dicksonia antarctica, 5ft Corylus contorta, 10litre Acer shindeshojo, 6ft Climbing Rose excelsa, 7ft-8ft Sorbus Autumn Spire, 9-10ft Pruus kiku shidare sakura, 6ft Clematis montana rubens, 8ft Prunus tai haku, Prunus Snow Showers, 40inch Evergreen Magnolia, 8.5ft Ginkgo biloba, 18litre Acer shirazz, Acer shin deshojo , Acer seiryu, Pieris Mountain Fire, Eucalyptus pauciflora, Sollya heterophylla Bluebell Creeper, Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree, 30litre prunus kojo no mai, 6ft Magnolia soulangeana, 4.5ft Magnolia nigra, 30litre prunus kojo no mai, Yucca filamentosa, Pinus mugo, Vitis pinot gris, chardonnay, Vitis sylvaner, Vitis dornfelder,  7ft-8ft Lonicera serotina Honeysuckle, 7ft Pinus strobus, 8ft Pinus nigra, 4.5ft Pinus wallichiana, 4.5ft Eucalyptus gunni, 4.5ft Dwarf Catalpa aurea, 4.5ft Dwarf Catalpa bignoides Indian Bean Tree, Rhus typhina Sumach Tree, 30inch Prunus pendula rubra dwarf,  7ft Acer bloodgood, 8ft Acer senkaki, 7ft acer osakazuki, Wholesale bare root grape vines, Leycestria Goldern Lanterns, 6-7ft Evergreen Magnolia grandiflora, 5ft Rose Zeprine Drouhin,   Edgeworthia Chrysantha, 7ft Viburnum Kiliminjaro,    Ilex crenata bonsai tree, 5ft Cercis Forest Pansy,  Acer Wilsons Pink Dwarf, Acer aureum, Acer senkaki, Acer firecracker, Photinia Red Robin, 6ft Juniper Blue Alps Cloud Bonsai Tree, Chamacyparis nana gracilis, Cupressus wilma, White Potato Vine, Juniper recurva coxii, Aleppo Pine, 6ft , Chinese Golden Larch bonsai tree, 6ft Paper Handkerchief Tree, 6ft Cedar of Lebanon,   9-10ft Albizzia Silk Tree,  Fig Brown Turkey 25Litre 5ft frame, fatsia japonica, Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Banana Tree



    5ft Eleagnus ebbingei viveleg 35litre 79.99 CLICK

    Yucca filamentosa TRUNKED specimens 52-54inch 145.00  CLICK



    9ft-10ft Acacia dealbata 35litre 124.99 CLICK

    9ft-10ft Evergreen jasmine 115.00 CLICK