Silk Tree Nurseries  stock an  increasing range of the spectacular ornamental Japanese cherries . These are breathtaking in Spring, and supply is severely limited of some of the cultivars. We also produce a wide range of Japanese style plants for an oriental garden or   border  design.

AMANOGAWA  -  Columnar Japanese Cherry -  Prunus 'Amanogawa' 

The Japanese Column  Cherry  is a beautiful upright Cherry Tree, grown for it's unusual columnar habit - straight branches growing in a shuttlecock form to form a formal, and very elegant coulmn like tree. In Spring, pink shell flowers cover the tree with gorgeous Spring foliage of bronze, turning to deep green in summer.
Prunus Amanogawa makes a superb specimen as a 'patio tree', because of it's superb formal upright habit, or it can be planted in the ground to make a medium sized cherry tree.

10Litre  pot (approx. 6ft-7ft  inc. pot,1-2 stem) 79.99 (F ) (9 in stock)

BENI-CHIDORI -  Japanese Apricot
A very early flowering (February) small tree with stunning deep pink delicate double flowers, which are highly scented of almonds. Lovely autumn leaf colour. We have 4ft top grafted dwarf standards available now, ideal for patio, small garden, or as a feature in a Japanese style garden.

7Litre  pot, approx. 4.5ft inc. pot  dwarf, 18inch  head 69.99 (C)  

BENIYATUKA  -  Prunus 'Beniyutaka'
A distinct semi-double flower with a sugar pink colour, lightly scented. Strong growing, with vivid autumn colour of orange and red.

10Litre  pot , 6ft specimens     

CHOCOLATE ICE  (Matsumae-fuki) - Prunus 'Matsumae-fuki'
A more recent Japanese cherry is the rather exquisite Chocolate Ice, so named because of its beautiful copper chocolate leaves which come out as the tree flowers pure white with single or semi-double flowers. Fiery orange autumn leaf colour. A lovely smaller growing cherry for the smaller garden growing 10-15ft n 10-12 years.

10Litre  pot, 7.5ft-8ft 59.99 (E) 

FUJIMA (white scented) - Prunus 'Fujima'
This is a low growing shrub cherry with a burst of small white flowers in February / March. Beautiful yellow and golden brown autumn colour. A perfect cherry for underplanting in the Japanese garden.

3Litre  pot 12.99 (A)

FRAGRANT CLOUD  -  Prunus shizuka Fragrant Cloud

An ornamental Japanese Cherry is the perfect choice for a Japanese style garden and fits in well with bonsai trees, water cascades, and fine ornamental specimens. The Shizuka Cherry named Fragrant Cloud is a truly spectacular specimen in Spring, with semi-double pure white flowers that are highly fragrant. Walk underneath one of these in bloom and you will be startled by the richness of cherry blossom fragrance!

One of the most highly scented of the Japanese Cherries, Fragrant Cloud is a slow growing tree up to a maximum of 10-12ft and can be pruned and shaped over the years to form a wonderful cascade bonsai shape. This tree makes an excellent patio specimen, and kept in a pot it can be moved around the garden during the year.

25Litre  pot, approx. 9ft-10ft inc. pot 124.99 (E) 

KIKU SHIDARE SAKURA (Weeping, Pink) - Prunus 'Kiku Shidare Sakura'

The Japanese Weeping Cherry is simply one of the most desirable of all tree species, and is the ideal cherry tree for the small garden. Prunus kiku shidare Sakura is the perfect choice for a Japanese style garden and fits in well with bonsai trees, water cascades, and fine ornamental specimens. I cannot tell you how beautiful and breathtaking this tree is in Spring! Full double deep pink blossom showers the tree from top to bottom, and it is a sight to behold! Set up a lighting system beneath this tree and you will have a night time Spring display you won't believe! Can also be grown as a patio tree for a beautiful Spring display.

18Litre  pot, approx. 6ft inc. pot tope grafted DWARF  89.99 (F)  

25Litre  pot, approx. 9ft-10ft inc. pot 149.99 (F)  


Silk Tree Nurseries are immensley pleased to be offering these unique and exquisite Japanese Dwarf Cherries as 4ft standard forms. Prunus kojo-no mai is unique amongst the Japanese Cherries, havng distinctive and remarkable ZIG ZAG branches which provide interest all year round. It is a dwarf cherry, so will not take over the garden, and will never grow more than 5-6ft in this grafted form.
KOJO NO MAI translates in English to 'FLIGHT OF THE BUTTERFLIES' and this is a perfect description for this gem of a plant, because the reason this cherry is just so sought after is for its incredible Spring display of white blossom. Beautiful and fragrant white flowers COVER the whole of the tree and even small  specimens are a sight to behold, but these standards will be thrilling to see in Spring.

Prunus kojo no mai bonsai tree  - see our bonsai trees section

10Litre  pot , 5ft  standard,   89.99 (C) (1 in stock)

12Litre  pot, 5.5ft  standard, approx. 30inch head   89.99 (E)

MIKINORI  - Pink & White

A lovely, delicate flowering tree, with flowers opening as pink and then turning pure white. Lovely autumn foliage of tinted red an orange. 5ft dwarf specimens available now, ideal for a patio or small  garden.

10Litre pot approx. 4ft dwarf (top grafted) 49.99 (B)

OKAME  - Japanese Okame Cherry

A very distinctive delicate Japanese Cherry with flowers of pink, this tree can create a masterpiece of colour in a Japanese style garden. Lovely autumn colour. A stronger growing smaller cherry tree. This is the DWARF form, top grafted.

10Litre  pot  , DWARF  6ft  inc. pot top grafted 79.99 (E)    (2 in stock)

OSHIDORI  - Oshidori Princess - Dwarf Fuji Cherry

A beautiful shrub cherry growing as a bush form, with delicate and typically oriental weeping pink flowers in Spring. We have some beautiful 3.5-4ft specimens top grafted on dwarf rootstock, so they will never grow more than 4-5ft and ideal for a small garden. Also now available in 3litre shrub form.

10Litre pot 4ft 'standards'   49.99 (B)

DWARF PENDULA  RUBRA - Prunus incisa Pendula rubra - Weeping Fuji Cherry

A stunning variety of Japanese Cherry, with pendulous branches and a beautiful display of white flowers in Spring, which cover the tree in dense blooms. This is the dwarf grafted form which will stay small.

7Litre DWARF form supplied at approx. 42-45inch  inc. pot  79.99 (C)   

RED SUN / ROYAL BURGUNDY (red foliage) -   Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'

The beautiful new hybrid Japanese Cherry, Royal Burgundy, is much sought after for it's show of deep rich red foliage all summer, which turns fiery bronze in autumn. DOUBLE pink flowers smother the whole tree in Spring! This is a slow growing, small cherry tree and these ones are on DWARF rootsock so will only grow to 6-7ft in the garden.

The spectacular RED foliage of this cherry tree can make an unusual patio tree. The red foliage will blend well with the greens of cordylines, palms, and wisteria. The double pink flowers are Spring blooming, and will light up any garden from the depths of the winter months!

5Litre top grafted, 5ft inc. pot 69.99 (C)

SHIROTAE - Prunus 'Mount Fuji'

A spectacular ornamental cherry with single or semi-double pendulous white flowers in hanging clusters. Beautiful autumn foliage of oranges and reds.

10Litre  pot , 5-6ft specimens 29.99  (B)   

SNOW GOOSE  - White Upright Cherry - Prunus Snow Goose

Prunus Snow Goose is a stately, small, upright cherry which is blessed with large, single, soft white flowers in April. Ideal for a small garden.

10Litre  pot , 6ft specimens 39.99  (B)   


SNOW SHOWERS - Pure White Weeping Cherry - Prunus Snow Showers

Prunus Snow Showers is  the best white cherry tree for a small garden or as a patio tree. This beautiful weeping cherry has branches that almost touch the ground, and only grows in height to 7-9ft, making it an ideal specimen for smaller gardens.

This tree is a real talking point in Spring when single white flowers of pure white densely cover the tree from top to bottom. In summer and autumn, the beautiful weeping branches will add interest to any style of garden. They are particularly stunning when used in a Japanese style garden.

The photo bottom  left shows some of our 6ft specimens from Spring in full bloom. The top photo shows one of our top grafted 4ft specimens in autumn with the leaves turning a beautiful red and orange. The 4ft & 5ft  TOP GRAFTED specimens are ideal for small gardens and will never grow higher than 4-5ft (but will weep to the ground). The bottom photo shows our larger 6ft specimens.

10Litre, 4ft TOP GRAFTED Dwarf  79.99 (C)  

25Litre  , 6ft inc. pot 139.99 (F)  

TAI HAKU - Prunus tai haku - Great White Cherry

The proud and stately Tai Haku, Great White Cherry, is the boldest and largest white flowered variety of Japanese Ornamental Cherry. Very large white flowers smother the whole tree from late March into late April. If you are looking for one specimen tree for the back or front garden, then the grand Tai Haku cherry must be the one! Highly fragrant, it will wow passers-by with it's stunning blooms in Spring. It also makes a spectacular PATIO TREE for Spring kept pruned and in a pot.

15Litre  pot  (approx. 6.5ft, 2ft spread) 89.99 (F) 

TOMENTOSA - Prunus tomentosa - Nanking Cherry

A lovely shrub cherry which has the benefit of producing edible sweet cherries and can be planted as a standalone shrub, or as a hedge. Beautiful whitish-pink blossom in the Spring is followed by edible red sweet cherries in the summer, which is in turn followed by stunning autumn foliage colour.

3Litre pot approx. 20-22inches inc. pot   12.99 (A)

WEEPING YOSHINO  (White) - Prunus 'Weeping Yoshino'

A beautiful, rarely offered weeping variety of Japanese Cherry is Weeping Yoshino. Branches that weep all the way to the ground are graced with beautiful white flowers in early Spring. We are offering dwarf specimens ideal for small gardens, and we also have a few normal size which will grow into full size trees.

10Litre  pot  DWARF 5ft inc pot 10litre

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