Silk Tree Nurseries grow many forms of the Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum, and have in stock spectacular 6ft specimens of selected cultivars. This page lists our current stock -  but this does change on a weekly basis -  some of the large maples in 20litre pots we  only have in ones  and twos.

Acer  aureum  -   Yellow  Leaf   Maple
Acer aureum is a  unique and  much sought after YELLOW leaf Japanese Maple, bearing golden yellow leaves in Spring, turning to lime green in summer and then  to a beautiful orange in the autumn months. Slow growing,. The photo to the left shows Autumn foliage colour. Requires near full shade.

10Litre  pot  , approx. 4ft-4.5ft  (inc. pot)  £59.99 (B) 

Acer  aureum JORDAN   -  Yellow  Leaf   Maple
Acer aureum JORDAN is a faster growing version of the above yellow leaf maple, with all the season foliage change and tends to be more resistant to leaf burn in the Summer months.

7Litre  pot  , approx. 4ft  (inc. pot)  £69.99 (B) 

15Litre  pot  , approx. 5.5ft-6ft (inc. pot) £149.99 (F) 

25Litre  pot  , approx. 6ft-7ft  (inc. pot), approx. 2ft spread  £189.99 (F)  ( 1 in stock)

Acer  Beni-maiko - Red Dancing Girl
Acer Beni Maiko, known as the Red Dancing Girl Maple, is a stunning red leaf maple, that has fiery red leaves in the Spring months, which then turn to scarlet and orange for autumn.

20litre pot (approx 6ft-7ft inc. pot - approx. 2.5ft spread) £169.99 (F) 

Acer  beni-otake
The 'Red Bamboo'  Japanese Maple is a beautiful strap leaf maple with red Spring foliage fading to green in summer then red & greens in early autumn before turning to crimson in late autumn. A real showpiece for the garden.

18Litre  pot, approx. 6ft  inc. pot  (3 ft spread) £179.99 (E)    

Acer  bi ho
A beautiful acer admired for its all year round interest, with salmon Spring leaves which turn green in Summer and then yellow in the Autumn, followed by gorgeous golden yellow stems in Winter. Grow this with Acer senkaki (red stems) for a Winter maple spectacular!

10Litre  pot (approx. 30inches  inc. pot)  £54.99 (C) 

Acer  Bloodgood
A much sought after red   leaf maple that is a strong grower and will grow faster than some of the more delicate varieties.

10L pot  , approx. 3ft  inc. pot £69.99 (B)  

25Litre  pot (approx. 5ft-6ft  inc. pot)  £179.99 (F)  ( 1 in stock)

Acer  Burgundy Lace
A stunning dissected red leaf form that is slightly faster growing than some of the red leaf cultivars. Beautiful and delicate scarlet cut leaves in Spring, deep red summer, and then crimson in autumn.

15Litre  pot (approx. 5ft  inc. pot) £169.99 (F)

Acer  Butterfly -  green and white variegated
Acer palmatum 'Butterfly' is a very distinctive Japanese maple with vivid white and green, deep cut leaves, turning a fiery red in the autumn. Growing into a low bush or small tree, it can be trained and pruned to  a desired height. 

12Litre  pot  (approx. 4.5ft  inc. pot)  £49.99 (B)   

Acer  Chiyo-hime (Acer Little Princess) -  green leaves
Acer palmatum Chioyo-hime, otherwise known as Little Princess, has gorgeous bright green leaves (edged with scarlet in Spring), which turn slowly to yellow in late summer and autumn. 

12litre pot (approx 7ft BUSH form inc. pot , approx. 2ft spread)

Acer  Crimson Princess
Acer palmatum dissectum 'Crimson Princess' is a beautiful cultivar of the Japanese Maple with red-purple cut leaves in Spring, turning to Green  in summer, and then to a dazzling scarlet in the autumn months. It is ideal for the small garden or patio, growing no larger than 8-10ft, and comes into it's own in the Japanese landscaped garden amongst bonsai, waterfall, sand circles, Japanese Ferns, and sculpture.

15Litre  pot (approx. 4ft  inc. pot, 2ft spread) £139.99 (E)

Acer  Crimson Queen
Acer palmatum  'Crimson Queen' is a finely cut, red purple leaf variety of Japanese Maple, which grows in a mushroom like display, turning to dazzling scarlet in the autumn. Slow growing, and always low to the ground. A stunning example of Maple for the Japanese garden, or patio pot display.

10Litre  pot (approx. 3ft inc. pot, 2ft spread)  £49.99 (B) 

15 Litre pot  (approx. 3ft-40inch  inc. pot) £99.99 (F)

Acer Emerald Lace

A stunning, small leaved acer with very delicate lace like dissected green foliage - stunning colours of orange and yellow in autumn.

20Litre  pot, 5ft specimen £149.99 (C)

Acer Firecracker
A stunning newer variety which has dissected purple leaves in Spring, turning to a fire red in the autumn months. Mound forming variety growing to 6-7ft. 

10Litre  pot, approx. 2.5ft-3ft inc. pot  £79.99 (C)  

Acer Fireglow
Acer palmatum  'Fireglow' is one of the best red non dissected form of maples, with stunning Spring foliage of scarlet, deeping to dark red over the summer months, then coming back for intense scarlet over the autumn months. Tolerant of most soils.

7Litre  pot, approx. 4ft  inc. pot £69.99 (B) 

15Litre  pot, approx. 6.5ft  inc. pot £179.99 (F) 

Acer Garnet
Acer palmatum  'Garnet' is a unique, weeping style, bush Maple that has red dissected leaves with crismon autumn colour.  A dwarf form, it will grow into a mound of fiery red with beautiful autumn colour.

20Litre  pot  STANDARD (approx. 5.5ft-6ft inc. pot, top grafted , approx. 2.5ft-3ft spread) £199.99 


Acer Green Mist

A beautiful, weeping, green dissected leaf form with branches that cascade naturally to form a waterfall of colour, with yellow leaves in the autumn. Slow growing, and a small maple, so ideal for the smaller garden or patio.

20Litre  pot, 4ft specimen (2ft spread) £149.99 (C)

Acer Hagoromo

This unusual and rarely offered Japanese Maple produces feathery leaves which whorl around the stem, with dark green growing foliage and autumn colours of yellow and orange, producing an attractive orange brown  trunk with age. This is an upright growing tree maple to 12ft or so.  We have some very large approx. 9ft specimens which have approx. 1inch diameter trunks, and these have straight trunks of approx. 5ft-6ft before they split into two or three stems. The photos show some of the actual maples on offer (top photo taken September with Autumn foliage colour, bottom photo taken January without leaves).

18L pot  specimen, approx. 9ft  inc. pot (approx. 2-3ft spread)

Acer  Inabe-Shidare

The stunning cut leaf Inabe-shidare Japanese Maple is a slow growing, small maple ideal for a shady area of the garden or shaded patio. Beautiful, deeply cut dissected leaves are red & green in Spring, turning to red, and then to crimson in the autumn months.

10Litre  pot (approx. 3ft inc. pot, 2ft spread)  £49.99 (B) 

Acer Jerre  Schwartz

A dwarf acer which is finely dissected with green Summer foliage, which can be pink flushed in Spring, followed by an explosion of scarlet and reds in the autumn months. Upright habit.

18L pot  specimen, approx. 6ft  inc. pot (approx. 4ft spread) £149.99 (E)

Acer  Katsura

Acer katsura is a stunning orange leaf maple, with vivid orange leaves in Spring, which slowly turn to yellow in the summer, and then to shades of orange, red, and pink in the autumn. 

10Litre  pot (approx. 32inch  inc. pot, approx. 18nch spread)  £49.99 (B) 

15Litre  pot (approx. 3.5ft  inc. pot, approx. 20inch spread)   £99.99 (C)  ( 1 in stock)

20Litre  pot  , approx. 7ft-8ft  (inc. pot), approx. 2.5ft-3ft spread  £179.99 (F) 

Acer  koto no ito (Strings Of A Harp) 
This is quite an uncommon linerilobum type acer which is truly stunning in the Spring months with its willow like fine leaves and is so named 'Strings of a Harp' in Japanese - with autumn colour beginning yellow and then turning golden and orange. Green bamboo like leaves in Spring and Summer.

15Litre  pot, approx.  4ft-52inch inc. pot  £159.99 (E)  

Acer  Linearilobum
Acer palmatum 'Linearilobum' is one of the finest lobed leaves of any Japanese Maple, so much so, that it is almost bamboo-like in it's appearance. Spectacular autumn colours of bronze-red. The bamboo leaf maple makes a simply stunning specimen tree, and is very rarely available. A must for any maple collection or shady moist border, it will stand out from other Maples due to the very unusual foliage.

20 Litre pot  (approx. 6ft inc. pot, straight single stem, 2ft spread)   £169.99 (F)  ( 1 in stock)

Acer  Little Princess
Acer palmatum Little Princess’ has Spring green leaves then distinctive red-green summer leaves, which turn to a dazzling display of yellow and orange in autumn. As the name suggests it has a compact growth habit and is slow growing.

20 Litre pot  (approx. 6.5ft-7ft inc. pot , approx. 2.5ft spread)   £179.99 (F) 

Acer orido nishiki (also known as Acer Asahi-zuru) 
Acer kara ori nishiki is a very distinctive, unusual, and rarely available Japanese Maple, with stunning Spring foliage of pink, white, and green. As you can see from the photos, they look exquisite in  the Spring months - and in the autumn you are rewarded with a breathtaking display of fiery red and orange foliage.

10Litre  STANDARD, approx.  5ft inc. pot, 2-3ft head  £49.99 (E)    

Acer  Orange Dream - Japanese Maple

Acer  palmatum  'Orange Dream' is a beautiful strong growing variety of Maple, that has lovely yellow-orange leaves in Spring, turning to green in summer, then spectacular gold and orange foliage for the autumn season.

10Litre  pot  , approx. 3ft  (inc. pot)  £49.99 (B) 

15litre pot, bush form (approx 4ft inc. pot, approx. 2ft spread) £124.99 (C)

Acer  Orangeola - Japanese Maple

An unusual Japanese Maple, column growing, with orange dissected leaves in Spring and fantastic autumn colour. Growing only to 6ft.

10Litre  pot (approx. 3ft inc. pot)  £39.99 (B) 

18L pot  specimen, approx. 4.5ft  inc. pot (approx. 2ft spread) £124.99 (E)

Acer Osakazuki
Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' is one of the most spectacular maples for autumn colour. Leaves of this tree turn a deep scarlet / crimson in the autumn months. It is a strong growing cultivar, which forms a nice trunk in a short time (for a maple). It is tolerant of non-acidic soil, and can cope with semi-dry locations. Protect from strong warm winds in summer which will scorch the leaves.

10Litre  pot (approx. 3ft inc. pot,2ft-3ft spread)  £69.99 (C)  ( 5 in stock)

15Litre  pot (approx. 4ft inc. pot, approx. 3ft spread) £124.99 (E)    ( 1 in stock)

20Litre  pot (approx. 6ft-6.5ft  inc. pot)  £169.99 (F)  ( 2 in stock)

Acer palmatum  is the species maple and one of the few that will grow into a lovely small tree of  7-9ft size with a canopy. Strong growing and stunning autumn colours. More resistant to heat and wind burn.

7Litre  pot approx. 4ft-5ft  inc. pot   £45.00 (C) ( 6 in stock)

10Litre  pot approx. 6ft  inc. pot   £79.99 (F) ( 1 in stock)

Acer Pixie
A very beautiful Japanese maple, Acer palmatum pixie has non dissected red leaves which are vivid in Spring, and then holding its red colour throughout the summer, turning strong reds, purples and scarlet in the autumn months.  

18L pot  specimen, approx. 5ft  inc. pot (approx. 18inch spread) £124.99 (E)

Acer palmatum atropupureum
This is the PURPLE form species maple that is as strong growing as the green form above, and will also form a small tree. More tolerant of sun and wind than some of its delicate cousins.

20Litre  pot  (approx. 7ft inc. pot, approx. 18inch spread)  £169.99 (F) 

Acer palmatum  DISSECTUM
Acer palmatum  dissectum is a strong growing species maple, with beautiful and delicate cut leaves, and it naturally  forms a weeping and 'waterfall' shape.

15Litre  pot (approx. 40inch  inc. pot, approx. 20inch  spread)  £124.99 (C) ( 2 in stock)

Acer palmatum  dissectum ORNATUM
Acer palmatum dissectum 'Ornatum' is a uncommon cultivar, favoured for it's superb dissected weeping foliage. Beautiful orange-red lace-like foliage appears in Spring, which changes to green over Summer and then stunning oranges and reds in Autumn.

15Litre  pot (approx. 32inch  inc. pot, approx. 18inch  spread)  £89.99 (C)

Acer  palmatum DIISECTUM Palmitifidium

Acer palmatum dissectum 'Palmitifidium' is a rarely available  cultivar, favoured for it's superb dissected weeping foliage. Bright green in Spring, changing to darker green throughout the season, and then to an intense  oranges .

18 Litre pot  (approx. 5.5ft inc. pot, 2ft spread)  £179.99 (E)  

Acer  Phoenix (Snake Bark Maple)

Acer palmatum 'Phoenix' , also known as the Snake Bark Maple has beautiful tinted pink new leaves in Spring which then turns green followed in Autumn by a dazzling display of yellows, pinks, and oranges. The bark as it gets a older is striped silvery white, giving its name Snake Bark Maple.

7Litre  pot  , approx. 3ft-3.5ft  (inc. pot)  £59.99 (B)  ( 2 in stock)

20 Litre pot  (approx. 7ft inc. pot, approx. 2.5ft spread)   £179.99 (F) 


Acer  Red Emperor
A refined form of Bloodgood which keeps its colour more in the summer months, and vivid scarlet foliage in the autumn months.

15litre size, approx. 6ft inc. pot £179.99 (F) 

Acer Red Pygmy
Acer palmatum  'Red Pygmy' is a beautiful,  delicate leaved red Japanese Maple with thread-like foliage which is red-purple in Spring and Summer, turning to a dazzling scarlet and orange in the autumn months. This is a mound forming Maple, and is slow growing, making it ideal for the front of Japanese garden style borders.

7Litre  pots, 30inch specimens (2ft diameter spread)  £49.99 (B)   

Acer scolopendrium (palmatum linearilobum) - Japanese Maple

Acer scolopendrium also known as Acer palmatum linearilobum is a beautiful, flowing, strap-leaf maple, finely dissected with narrow leaves which are bright green in Spring and Summer and then in autumn turning to a blaze of yellow and oranges! The photo shows the actual specimen on offer (taken in July).

15L pot  (approx. 6ft inc. pot,3ft-4ft spread)  £149.99 (E)  

Acer Senkaki /  Sango kaku - Coral Bark Maple - Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Sango kaku' is known as the 'Coral Bark Maple' due to the fabulous orange-red colour of its trunks, especially pronounced in the winter months. They have stunning canary yellow autumn leaf colour. It is a small leaved maple, and quite quick growing for an Acer palmatum. 

5Litre  pot  , approx. 4ft (inc. pot)  £59.99 (B) 

7.5Litre  pot  , approx. 4.5ft (inc. pot)  £79.99 (B) 

20Litre  pot  , approx. 5ft (inc. pot)  £169.99 (F)  (1 in stock)

Acer Seiryu- Green Dissected - Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Seiryu' is one of my all time favourite Japanese Maples. This beautiful cultivar is surprisingly fast growing for a Maple and will grow at twice the rate of other cultivars. It is also very resistant to strong winds which can damage the leaves of other maples. Spring foliage is bright green, and very dissected, but the autumn colours are just breathtaking; flashes of bright orange, yellow, and red erupt all over the Maple and a mature specimen is a sight to behold. It is ideal for the small garden or patio, growing no larger than 10ft, and comes into it's own in the Japanese landscaped garden amongst bonsai, waterfall, sand circles, Japanese Ferns, and sculpture. Please note the photo shows one of our larger specimens which are now sold out. We now have some 18litre 5.5ft-6ft ones.

15Litre  pot (approx. 4ft  inc. pot, 28inch spread)  £99.99 (C)  ( 1 in stock)

Acer Shiana
Acer palmatum  'Shiana' is glorious red & green leaf maple, turning maroon and crimson in autumn. A low growing shrub acer ideal for small gardens.

15Litre  pot, 5ft specimen £99.99 (B)    

Acer Shin-deshojo / deshojo
Acer palmatum  'Shin-deshojo' is a spectacular form of Japanese Maple, with beautiful scarlet red spring foliage, which then goes green in summer, and back for a finale of read and orange in it's autumn show. They make stunning bush or tree specimens for the Japanese garden.  The photo shows one of our 10litre specimens with their stunning SPRING foliage.

7Litre  pot (approx. 3ft-40inches  inc. pot)  £59.99 (B) 

20Litre  pot (approx. 4ft inc. pot)  £145.00 (E) 

Acer Shirazz

A very distinctive and unusual maple with stunning Spring foliage of crimson and pink changing to olive green in the summer with a hint of pink, and then spectacular autumn foliage of crimson and red.

20Litre pot  (approx. 6.5ft  inc. pot)  £179.99 (F)   

Acer Skeeters Broom- Red Leaf - Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Skeeters Broom' is a strong growing, upright, multi-stem acer with vivid red foliage in the Spring turning to deeper red in the summer months, and then ruby red in the autumn. Lobed, palmate leaves (not dissected).

7Litre  pot (approx. 4ft  inc. pot)  £59.99 (B)  ( 3 in stock)

20 Litre pot  (approx. 6ft-7ft inc. pot)   £179.99 (F) 

Acer Tamukeyama   Red Leaf Weeping Maple

Acer palmatum dissectum Tamukeyama is a wonderful weeping red leaf maple (dissected foliage) which has red foliage from Spring and then turns a dazzling red and scarlet in the autumn months.

15Litre pot  (approx. 7ft inc. pot, twin stem)  £179.99 (F) 

Acer Taylor - Pink Leaf  Maple

Acer palmatum 'Taylor'  is a lovely new variety which has distinctive pink, green, and white leaves throughout the growing season. A very unusual and beautiful maple.

2Litre  pot £12.99 (A)    

Acer Trompenburg - Japanese Maple

An outstanding maple, normal leaf, and vivid red in Spring turning purple/red in summer and then crimsons in autumn.

20Litre  approx. 7ft  specimen   £179.99 (E)   

Acer Tsuma gaki - 'Red Fingernails' Japanese Maple

Acer Tsuma gaki is known as Acer 'Red Fingernails' because of the beautiful red tipped foliage in Spring - this acer also has stunning crimson foliage in the Autumn (green foliage in the summer). An often uncommon Japanese Maple that will add to any collection.

15Litre pot  (approx. 6ft inc. pot)  £149.99 (E) 

Acer ukigumo -'Floating Clouds'   Japanese Maple

A very unusual maple with distinct variegated palmate leaves sprinkled with pink and white. Slow growing.

10Litre  pot, approx. 40inch (inc. pot)  specimens £49.99 (B)  

18Litre pot, top grafted, 5.5ft inc. pot, 38inch clear stem, 18inch spread   £149.99 (E) 

Acer Villa taranto  Japanese Maple

A beautiful, flowing, strap-leaf maple, finely dissected which has stunning orange/red Spring foliage which then turns to green in Summer and then autumn blaze of gold and yellow. The top photo (taken July) shows one of the actual maples on offer.

20Litre  pot, 5.5ft  (inc. pot) approx. 2.ft spread  £179.99 (E)  

Acer Wilsons Pink Dwarf  Japanese Maple

An uncommon maple, this beautiful acer has smaller leaves than most, which are a stunning pink in Spring, turning to green in the summer, and then beautiful autumn colours of yellow, pink, and orange.  

7Litre  pot  , approx. 4ft-4.5ft  (inc. pot)  £59.99 (C) 

Acer Yasemin Japanese Maple

A beautiful red leaf dissected Japanese Maple, with stunning Spring foliage of vivid red, green leaf in summer, and turning shades of purple/deep red in Autumn.  

18Litre  pot, approx. 7.5ft  (inc. pot), 3ft-4ft spread   £179.99 (E)  


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