Listed below are  some of our instant border collections and plant collections. The 'Instant Border'  collections include 6-10 page colour design folders with TWO design plans for each border. Each plant in the border is numbered, and you simply have to plant to the design  following the  numbered plans. 


9ft-10ft  Hardy  Specimen Climber COLECTION - FOUR  mixed 10ft  INCLUDING WISTERIA

Our specimen Climber  Collection consists of FOUR 9-10ft (inc. pot) mixed climbers and will include one Jasmine stephense, one Wisteria prolific, one Virginia Creeper, one Grape Vine.

Supplied in 10litre or 12litre size pots in their pots at the 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) size, shipped in two  (very long!) parcels. A saving of 55.00 if bought individually.

Hardy Specimen Climber  Collection (four 10ft climbers) 245.00 (E)  

9-10ft Hardy Specimen Jasmine COLECTION - FOUR 9-10ft 12litre plants

Our specimen Jasmine Collection consists of FOUR very tall 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) Jasmines and will include two white Jasmine and two pink Jasmine, all four being deciduous. Supplied in 12litre size pots in their pots at the 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) size, shipped in two (very long!) parcels. A saving of 60.00 if bought individually.

Hardy Specimen Jasmine Collection (four 9-10ft jasmines) 260.00 (E)  

A small collection (7 plants) of some of our Jungle style plants (evergreen and deciduous) that have been chosen for their foliage hardiness and would be ideal in a Jungle style garden or in pots to make an exotic patio. All are very hardy and are supplied in pots. Sizes refer to the actual pants supplied (inc. pot). For larger collections please see our instant borders below. OVER 200 worth of plants if bought individually from us, much more in garden centres!

1 15litre Hardy palm Tree Trachycarpus fortunei - supplied at 3ft-4ft inc. pot

1 10litre 5ft-6ft Hardy Jasmine - supplied at 5ft-6ft in. pot

1 7litre  Grape Vine (Vitis vinifera grafted hybrid) - supplied at 5ft inc. pot

2 1litre Nandina domestia - supplied at 8inch-14inch inc. pot

1 x 15litre  Torbay Palm Tree (Cordyline) - supplied at approx. 4ft inc. pot

1 x 2litre  Aralia - supplied at 1ft-2ft  inc. pot

Small Jungle Collection (7 plants) 139.99 (E)  

  BORDER COLLECTIONS (include design folder)


20   PLANTS  suitable for a border 6ft by 4ft. All plants supplied in their pots, delivered  to your door.  Heights listed are the size of the plant that will be delivered (all sizes include pot). Over 420 (inc. shipping)  worth of plants if bought individually from us, much more in garden centres!

1 7litre 3ft Hardy Banana Tree Musa basjoo

1 12litre 2ft-3ft (inc. pot) Chinese banana Mussela lasiocarpa

1 7litre 4ft-5ft size  Evergreen Jasmine Trachleospermum jasminoides

1 7litre 3ft Mahonia 

6 2ltr/9cm sized mixed jungle perennials (inc. evergreen ferns) 

1 7litre  5ft Solanum alba Potato Vine

1  7litre 4ft-5ft size  Grape Vine (vitis hybrid)   

1 7litre 3ft-4ft Acacia dealbata

1 3litre 3ft Evergreen Magnolia

1 10litre 5ft Acacia mealanoxoyn

1 10litre  Acanthus Tasmanian Angel

1 3litre Sollya heterophylla Blue Bell Creeper

2 9cm small Silk Trees Albizzia julibrissin

1 5litre pot Chamerops BLUE Palm 

Jungle Collection (20 plants)  295.00 (F)





40  PLANTS  suitable for a border 14ft by 8ft . All plants supplied in their pots, delivered to your door. Over 850 worth of plants if bought individually from us.

1 2ft-3ft Hardy Trachycarpus palm tree - (label 3)

TWO 5litre small blue Chamerops palm trees (label 2)

1  5ft Green Bean Tree (Catalpa) (label 8)

1 10litre Chinese Banana (Musella)  (label 1)

TWO Jasmine 5ft - (label 5)

SIX 2ltr mixed ferns (2ltr pots) - (label 7)

1 5-10litre 2-3ft Rhus glabra - (label 9)

1 7litre 5ft-6ft Gum Tree (Eucalyptus ) - (label 15)

1 7litre 5ft Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine (label 17)

1 5litre 4ft Robinia Umbrella (label 4)

1 7litre 2ft-3ft Japanese Banana Musa Basjoo (label 14)

TWO 5ft  Silk Tree (Albizzia julibrissin)  (label 20) 

1  5ft Evergreen Honeysuckle   (label 10)

TWO 5litre 2ft-3ft Aralia  (label 16)

1 7litre 4ft-5ft Strawberry Grape Vine   - (label 11)

1 10litre Hardy Fern (label 6)

1 10litre 4ft-5ft Hibiscus (label 18)

TWO 10litre Acanthus Tasmanian Angel   (label 13)

TWO 3litre Holboellia  (label 23)

1 10litre 5ft Akebia Chocolate Vine (label 12)

TWO  2litre Lambs Ear   (label 19)

1 3litre 3ft Torbay Palm Tree (label 22)

SIX Jungle Perennials 2litre size   (label 21)

 + 10 page DESIGN FOLDER

GIANT jungle border collection  599.99 (F)   





24 PLANTS   suitable for a border 8ft by 4ft . All plants supplied in their pots, delivered to your door. Click on the photos to enlarge - these were taken in January  and is how the border looks in winter (some plants our supplied as roots in winter). A border in the cottage garden style with a mix of evergreen and deciduous, trees, shrubs, climbers, and perennials. Over 400 worth of plants if bought individually.

1 5litre 4ft-5ft Tamarix tetranda - (label 1)

1 5litre 5ft-6ft Wisteria - (label 9)

1 5litre 5ft Double Twisted Stem Silver Birch   (label 2)

1 3litre  Cotoneaster Coral Beauty (evergreen)  - (label 3)

1 10litre 4ft Corokia virgata - (label 4)

1 7-10litre 5ft-6ft Jasmine   - (label 5)

TWO 5litre 5ft Cornus dogwood  - (label 6)

1 3litre 3ft Hydrangea kyushu mophead pink flowers - (label 7)

1 7litre 4ft-5ft Climbing Rose - (label 10)

1 7litre 5ft Lonicera honeysuckle - (label 9)

1 2-3litre Forsythia  - (label 8)

12 9cm pot Cottage Garden perennials - (label 11)

Cottage Garden Border collection  275.00 (F)  

28  PLANTS  suitable for a border 8ft by 6ft  Some of the plants are ROOTS in winter  but will erupt into foliage in early Spring. All plants supplied in their pots, delivered to your door. Photo taken in October - some plants in this border will die back to their roots and be supplied as roots in winter months. Over 350 worth of plants if bought separately.

1 10litre 5ft Acer Japanese Maple  (labelled 1)

THREE 10 litre Ferns  (labelled 8)

TWELVE 2ltr DECIDUOUS & EVERGREEN ferns (labelled 2 )

SIX 2ltr Shade Plants  (labelled 3)

TWO 2-3litre  Aucuba Tiger Laurel (labelled 4)

TWO 2litre 2ft Fatsia japonica  (labelled 5 & 6)

1 10litre Gunnera manicata (supplied as root in winter)  (labelled 9)

1 2litre Juniper  (creeping)  (labelled 7)

 + colour  DESIGN FOLDER

Fernery / shade border 28  plants  245.00 (F)


50  PLANTS , over 600 worth of plants if bought separately from us.

EIGHTEEN  mixed ferns (2 litre pots) (label 3, IN BOX  )

SIX  Shade grasses  (1litre pots) - (label 2 & 13)

FIVE  10litre sized ferns , mixed (10 litre pots) (label 4)

THREE   Japanese Maples 4ft-6ft (one 5litre, one 10litre, one 12litre)  (label 5)

THREE  Ligularis  (5litre)   (label 7)

FOUR  2litre Astilbe  - (label 1)

ONE 10litre Climbing Hydrangea   - (label 8)

TWO Juniper Grey Owl  (2litre pot) -   (label 10)

TWO  Fatsia japonica  (2-3litre pot) -   (label 11)

FIVE   Shade perennials (2litre pot) (label 12)

ONE 10litre Juniper Blue Carpet (Evergreen)  (label 14)

Giant Fernery border collection  359.99 (E)   


40  PLANTS including two Japanese cherry trees, 5ft-6ft Wisteria. All plants supplied in their pots, delivered to your door. Over 800 worth of plants if bought separately from us, and over 900 if bought in a garden centre.

TWO  5ft Japanese Cherry Trees  (10ltr pot) - (label 1)

1 10  5ft-6ft Acer  Japanese Maple - (label 2)

TWO 3litre  16-18inch pinus strobus  (label 3)

SIX 2litre  Japanese  perennials   - (label 4)

1 10litre  3ft Japanese Ilex Young Cloud Tree  - (label 5)

1 10litre Choisya - (label 7)

1 10litre 5ft globe  Larch - (label 6)

SIX Japanese Style low Grasses (2litre) - (label 8)

TWO  Japanese Aralia (Fatsia)  3litre  - (label 9)

6 Japanese Ferns (Drypoteris/ Athryium)  - (label 10)

1 3litre  Japanese Tiger Laurel   (label 17)

1  5litre 4-5ft Tamarix tetranda  -  (label 19)

1 6-8inch Outdoor Bonsai  Dawn Redwood Forest - (label 14)

1 5litre 5ft Cryptomeria Temple Cedar  - (label 15)

TWO 5ft Wisteria (5litre pot)  - (label 16)

1 2litre Cotoneaster Coral Beauty (label 13)

1 3-5litre 3.5-4ft dwarf Japanese Cherry  (label 11)

TWO 3litre 3ft Japanese Hydrangea kyushu  (label 12)

1 10litre 3ft Enkianthus Japanese Pagoda Bush    (label 18)

1 5litre 3ft-4ft  Japanese Larch (label 20)


GIANT Japanese  border collection  599.99 (F)   


20 PLANTS  for a border 6ft by 4ft. All plants supplied in their pots, delivered to your door. Over 400 worth of plants if bought individually.

2  3litre Prunus kojo no mai Japanese Cherries  (label 1)

1 5ft Wisteria   (label 2)

1 4litre 4ft (inc. pot) Prunus pendula rubra  (label 3)

6 9cm-2litre Japanese Perennials inc. three  ferns   (label 4

1 12litre  4ft-5ft Japanese Willow  (label 11)

1 5litre 2ft-3ft Japanese Larch  (label 7) 

1 5litre Cotoneaster  (label 5)

1 7litre 3ft Japanese Kerria  (label 6)

TWO 3litre Bluebell Creepers (label 10)

1 3litre  Pinus wallichiana  (label 9)

TWO  9cm-2litre Japanese Style grasses  (label 8)

1  7litre 3ft Mahonia  (label 12)


Japanese deciduous Collection  295.00 (F)   



19 PLANTS suitable for a border 8ft by 4ft. All plants supplied in their pots, delivered to your door. Photo taken October and is how the collection looks in autumn (click to enlarge). All plants are supplied at approximately the height indicated which includes the pot. Over 400 (inc. shipping) worth of plants if bought separately.

1 7litre 4.5ft Weeping Blue Cedar (Cedrus atlamtica glauca pendula)    (label 8)

1 7litre 3.5ft  Evergreen Magnolia  (label 1)

1 4ft Mahonia charity 10litre  (label 2)

4 Japanese style perennials 2litre/9cm  (label 3)

1 3litre 2ft Pinus wallichiana  (label 5)

2 3litre size Cryptomeria spiralis  (label 6)

4 9cm Japanese Evergreen Ferns  (label 7)

1 3litre Pinus armandii  (label 9)

1 10litre 4ft-5ft Pinus halepensis (label 10)

1 4litre Weeping top grafted 3ft Cotoneaster   (label 12)

1 3litre Spreading Cotineaster  (label 11)

1 2litre Spreading Juniper  (label 4)


Japanese Evergreen Collection (19 plants)  295.00 (F)  

18 PLANTS suitable for a border 8ft by 4ft, over 450 worth of plants if bought individually

1 7litre 5ft Grape Vine  (label 17) 

1 10litre 3ft Rhus dissecta   (label 14)

1 3ft 10litre size Torbay Palm (Cordyline australis)  (label 6)

1 5litre Cotoneaster Juliette top grafted 4ft  (label 12)

1 6-8inch Outdoor Dawn redwood Bonsai Tree  (label 4)

1 10litre 3-4ft Herb Standard (label 10)

1 5-10litre 4ft Silk Tree (albizzia)  (label 1)

2 2litre Red Hot Pokers  (label 7) 

1 5ft 7litre Jasmine  (label 8)

1 5-7litre Indian Bean Tree  (label 2)

1 2litre Verbascum Arctic Summer  (label 9)

2 2litre Trachycarpus (young) palm trees  (label 11)

1 10litre 4-5ft Hibiscus  (label 5)

1 4litre 4ft-5ft  Kiwi Vine  - (label 13)

1 5litre Cordyline australis   (label 3)

1 5litre Chamerops BLUE palm tree  (label 15))


Exotic Collection (18 plants)  275.00 (F)  


Please note that we try to keep these pages updated as much as possible during the season, but some plants may be replaced by others of a similar size and type if we sell  out of a specific plant in a collection.

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