We  grow a wide variety of climbers at Silk Tree Nurseries up to 10ft tall  in 12litre pots, and our climber stock changes throughout the seasons. If you wish to order large climbers in quantity then please email or phone. Please note that all sizes include the pot. 


SIX 9ft-10ft  Hardy Specimen Climber   COLLECTION -  SIX  mixed (our choice)

Our specimen Climber Collection  consists of SIX 10ft (inc. pot) mixed climbers and will include Jasmine, virginia creeper, clematis , lonicera and wisteria.

Supplied in  10litre or  12litre size pots in their pots at the 10ft (inc. pot) size, shipped in two  (very long!) parcels.   A saving of 120.00 if bought individually from us, a lot more in garden centres!

Hardy Specimen  Climber Collection (six  9-10ft climbers) 425.00 (F)   (2 in stock)

FOUR 9ft-10ft  Hardy Specimen Climber   COLLECTION -  four NAMED collection

Our named specimen Climber Collection  consists of FOUR 9-10ft (inc. pot) named  climbers and will consist of: 1 x Climbing clematis alpina,   1 x clematis montana, 1 x jasmine clotted cream, 1 x evergreen honeysuckle lonicera henryi

Supplied in  10litre size pots in their pots at the 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) size, shipped in two  (very long!) parcels. A saving of 85.00 if bought individually from us.

Hardy Specimen  Climber Collection four   9-10ft climbers 275.00 (F)  

9-10ft  Hardy Specimen Jasmine COLLECTION - FOUR 9-10ft 12litre plants

Our specimen Jasmine Collection consists of FOUR very tall 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) Jasmines and will include two white Jasmine and two pink Jasmine, all four being deciduous. Supplied in 12litre size pots in their pots at the 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) size, shipped in two (very long!) parcels. A saving of 80.00 if bought individually. The photo shows some of the actual jasmine on offer (taken in July).

Hardy Specimen Jasmine Collection  (four 9-10ft jasmines) 260.00 (E)  

9-10ft Hardy  Wisteria  COLLECTION - FOUR 9ft-10ft 10litre plants

Our specimen sized Wisteria Collection consists of FOUR very tall 9-10ft (inc. pot) Wisteria and will include one white Wisteria , one pink (rosea) wisteria  and two blue/purple wisteria prolific, all four being deciduous. Supplied in 10litre size pots in their pots at the 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) size, shipped in two (very long!) parcels. A saving of 60.00 if bought individually. The photo shows some of the actual wisteria on offer (taken in July).

Hardy Specimen Wisteria Collection  (four 9ft-10ft wisteria) 340.00 (F)   (8 in stock)

Abutilon megapotomicum  -

This is the  wonderful Red Hummingbird Bush, Abutilon megapotamicum. This rarely offered 'climbing' Abutilon will astound you in the summer months with its unique and enchanting red & yellow hanging bell flowers which cover the plant from head to toe.

Abutilon megapotamicum can be grown either as a bush or as a climber and will grow up to 7ft high and become bushy. It needs a nice warm spot in a sheltered garden to show its full potential and remains semi-evergreen throughout the year in this position. It can be grown in the garden (beautiful if planted within the stems of a delicate bamboo such as Fargesia) or as a patio pot plant.

10L  pot  approx. 7ft  (inc. pot)    49.99 (E)  

Actindia JENNY - Edible Kiwi Fruit

The very exotic, lush,  and extremely vigorous Kiwi Vine is a choice plant for the exotic or jungle garden, grown for it's superb foliage - leaves of the kiwi vine can be 1ft in diameter each! These vines can easily cover the front of a large house in 2-3years.

Kiwi Vines  can be   grown successfully over pagodas or trellis, used as house wall climbers, or simply grown in a large pot for an unusual and lush patio display. They can be used to great  effect in the exotic garden, with bamboo, trachycarpus palms, and cordylines .

12L pot 4ft  inc. pot   45.00 (B)  )

Actindia kolomikta - Painted Kiwi Vine

The unusual and much sought after PAINTED kiwi vine is a lovely strong growing climber that produces heart shaped leaves which begin green and then turn the most amazing colours of pink and white throughout the seasons. This is a deciduous climber so will lose all its leaves in the winter months, but is very beautiful in Spring, Summer, and Autumn! This is an ornamental kiwi vine so no fruit.

7L  pot, 4ft-5ft inc. pot  29.99 (B)    

10L  pot, 6ft inc. pot 69.99 (F)       (more in late May 2024)

10L  pot, 9-10ft inc. pot 89.99 (F)    

Akebia quinata - Chocolate Vine

The chocolate vine is a magnificent climber, that will always flower in the UK, and large specimens can be smothered in bloom & fragrance in the Spring. It is a semi-evergreen vine that is fully hardy in the UK bearing masses of beautiful maroon-chocolate flowers in early spring which cover the whole vine and which are heavily scented with vanilla. Exotic, dark green, unusual three lobed foliage dress the vine from Spring to Autumn. The flowers are followed by 5inch fruit pods which are edible.

7L pot  , 5ft plant 34.99 (B)  (9 in stock)

12L pot , 9ft-10ft  inc. pot 99.99 (F)  (26 in stock), TWO for 180.00 (F)

Akebia quinata Shirobana/ ALBA CREAM FORM  - WHITE Chocolate Vine

We are very pleased to be offering, in VERY LIMITED QUANITY this year, the rare WHITE CHOCOLATE VINE, Akebia quinata ALBA also known as Akebia 'Shirobana' or akebia CREAM FORM-  This jewel of climbers is simply one of the most delicious and mouth watering vines, with the light green, exotic foliage of the chocolate vine, followed in Spring by a profusion of WHITE to CREAM flowers covering the whole vine - each flower having a delicate and beautiful purple centre. But this most sort after vine is grown for one other reason; it's fragrance! Difficult to describe, but smelling of very sweet white chocolate ice cream (!) Quite a remarkable scent, and much more potent (and different) than the vanilla of the Akebia quinata.

7L pot , 5ft specimens 34.99 (B)  

Aristolochia  macrophylla  - Hardy Dutchman's Pipe

This unusual and rarely available climber is grown for its beautiful glossy green heart shaped leaves and more especially for its extraordinary flowers; shaped like dutchman smoking pipes! These beautiful, exotic flowers can be up to 2inches and are yellowish green. This is a strong grower in the right location - somewhere sheltered from strong winds and not too sunny, but moist. A deciduous climber it will lose all its leaves in the Winter but this is a hardy climber for the garden.

The  photos show some of the actual plants on offer - taken throughout the year, the first  photo shows the beautiful, exotic foliage in Spring. The lower  photo shows the extraordinary flower of this climber. Loses all its leaves over winter, so just a thin stem or stems. You are buying an approx. 6.5ft (inc. pot)   Aristolochia macrophylla in a 7litre pot.

7L pot  4ft-5ft inc. pot 29.99 (B) (3 in stock)

Clematis montana Grandiflora  - WHITE clematis

Clematis montana 'Grandiflora' is a spring flowering, vigorous Clematis of pure white. Small flowers of 2-3inches smother the whole fine for a spectacular dearly display after the long winter months.

7L pot 9ft-10ft (inc. pot)  89.99 (F)  (6 in stock) 

Clematis montana Fragrant Spring  - PINK  clematis

Clematis montana Fragrant Spring is a spring flowering, vigorous Clematis of mauve-pink, highly vanilla scented flowers that cover the whole plant . This is a 'Montana' hybrid - which means is that it is vigorous, and if you are looking for a climber to cover a complete trellis, wall, or tree in a very short time, then this may be the one for you.

7L pot , 9ft-10ft (inc. pot)  89.99 (F)  (9 in stock) 

Clematis montana wilsonii  - WHITE  clematis

Clematis montana wilsonni  is a highly fragrant star clematis with hundreds f white flowers in Spring. This is a 'Montana' hybrid - what this means is that it is a small flowered Clematis, but very very vigorous.

10L pot , 9ft-10ft (inc. pot)   89.99 (E)  (2 in stock) 

Clematis montana majorie - COPPER PINK  clematis

Clematis montana majorie  is the first double flowered montana clematis which grows at a very fast rate ideal for covering walls and trellis. Creamy pink flowers .

10L pot , 9ft-10ft (inc. pot)   89.99 (F)   

Clematis montana Mayleen  - PINK clematis - highly scented

Clematis montana Mayleen is a highly scented satin pink flowered clematis on vigorous climbing stems with bronze tinted foliage in the Spring months.

5L pot 6ft (inc. pot)  49.99 (E) 

10L pot  9ft-10ft  (inc. pot) 89.99 (E) 

Clematis montana rubens - PINK clematis

Clematis montana rubens is a spring flowering, vigorous Clematis of delicate pink. Small flowers of 2-3inches smother the whole vine for a spectacular display after the long winter months.

5L pot  6ft  (inc. pot)   49.99 (E) 

12L pot  7ft-8ft  (inc. pot)   89.99 (E) 

Clematis montana tetrarose - PINK clematis

Clematis montana tetrarose is a spring flowering, vigorous Clematis of mauve pink. Small flowers of 2-3inches smother the whole vine from Spring to Summer.

5L pot  6ft  (inc. pot)   59.99 (E)  (5 in stock) 

12L pot  8ft-9ft  (inc. pot)   89.99 (E) 

Clematis tangutica  - Yellow flowered Chinese Lantern clematis

Clematis tangutica, a Chinese clematis, is a vigorous clematis that bears beautiful lantern like golden yellow flowers in late Spring/ early Summer followed by unusual large fluffy seedheads for Autumn.  Very hardy.

5L pot 6ft (inc. pot)  49.99 (F) 

Fatshedera lizei - GIANT CLIMBING FATSIA

Fatshedera variegata

Fatshedera annemieke


Hedera Gold Heart  - Small Leaf Gold Variegated Ivy

An elegant and eye catching variety of ivy, Gold Heart has small variegated yellow and green edged leaves with black spherical fruit in the autumn. We have 7ft specimens available now for instant planting, which are multi-stemmed and can be trained quickly over wall or fence.

10L pot, multi-stem 6ft (inc. pot) specimens 39.99 (B)

Hedera Gloire de Marengo - White Variegated Ivy

A subtle blend of white and green give this ivy the English country garden look, and it can be used effectively against a wall, trellis, or fence, and also as ground cover if you let it trail rather than climb

12L pot,  9-10ft (inc. pot)  79.99 (B)   

Hedera helix - Green Ivy

This is a fast growing green ivy - new leaves are light green and then turning to dark green with distinct veins - smaller leaves than the hibernica below.

12L pot,  9ft-10ft (inc. pot) 69.99 (E) 


Hedera hibernica - Green Ivy

This is the species ivy, which is one of the fastest growing, and can be used to great effect against walls, garages, and trellis. Very easy to grow and will grow almost anywhere!

12L pot,  9ft-10ft  (inc. pot) 69.99 (E) 

Hedera Sulphur Heart  - Large  Leaf Gold Variegated Ivy

A stunning, bold variety of ivy, Sulphur Heart has large  variegated yellow and green leaves with black spherical fruit in the autumn. We have 7ft specimens available now for instant planting, which are multi-stemmed and can be trained quickly over wall or fence.

12L pot,  approx. 9ft-10ft  (inc. pot) 89.99 (E)

10L pot,  approx. 6ft  (inc. pot) 69.99 (E) (2 in stock)

Hedera variegata - Large Leaf Gold Variegated Ivy

A bold, statement ivy of large gold and green variegated leaves which lends itself well to contemporary planting, and also to fast wall and fence coverage.

10L pot, 5ft specimens 24.99 (B)

Holboellia coriacea - Himalayan Sausage Vine (Evergreen)

This is the rarely available Himalayan Sausage Vine, which is hardy in the UK, bearing masses of beautiful nodding green/white  flowers in early spring which cover the whole vine and which are heavily scented . Exotic, dark green  foliage dress the vine all year around. The flowers are sometimes followed by very unique and ornamental sausage shaped fruit .

7L pot,  approx. 5ft  (inc. pot) 29.99 (B)

Hydrangea petiolaris - Climbing Lacecap

The climbing Lacecap, Hydrangea petiolaris, is making a recent comeback due to its toughness clinging to the most shady and cold walls & trellis. This beautiful SELF CLINGING climber is covered with lace like, small white flowers in May to July and thick, dark green foliage. It is deciduous (losing all its leaves in autumn) but retains winter interest through its woody, peeling stems.

The Climbing Lacecap will survive just about anywhere, and will thrive even on a NORTH facing wall or fence. It is a strong grower, but will not take over like ivy. It is also self clinging, so no supports should be necessary.

15L pot, approx. 5ft-6ft  inc. pot 79.99 (E) (5 in stock)

Jasmine aureovariegatum - Variegated Jasmine

Jasminum aureovariegatum is a beautiful scented white Jasmine, with unusually vivid yellow and white leaves in Spring through to Autumn. Vigorous and strong growing. Semi-evergreen to deciduous (may lose all its leaves in winter depending on location). 

10L pot, 5ft  specimens  29.99 (B)  

Jasmine beesianum  - Jasmine

Jasminum beesianum is an unusual, and much sought after uncommon Jasmine that is favoured for its delicious pink-red, fragrant flowers in summer. This lovely Jasmine is less vigorous than some Jasmines, so is an ideal container specimen, or a garden planted Jasmine for a small pagoda or trellis.
Jasminum beesianum would make an ideal partner to one of our Jasmine x stephanese or our rarer  Ampelopsis vines.

7L pot, 5ft inc. pot  29.99 (B) (14 in stock)

Jasmine Clotted Cream  -  Cream flowered Jasmine

Jasmine CLOTTED CREAM  is a beautiful and  VERY FRAGRANT climber that is a deciduous variety bearing unusual cream coloured flowers in late Spring and early Summer.

7L pot, approx. 5ft inc. pot 29.99 (B)

12L pot, 9ft-10ft inc. pot  99.99 (F) (11 in stock) , TWO  for 180.00

Jasmine nudiflorum - Winter Jasmine

Jasminum nudiflorum is a beautiful yellow flowering jasmine which is fully hardy in the UK. In the depths of winter, this lovely climber will produce hundreds of small yellow flowers all over the stems.

10L pot, 6ft  inc. pot   69.99 (E)   (5 in stock)

10L pot, 8ft-9ft  inc. pot   79.99 (F)  

Jasmine officianale - White Summer Jasmine

This lovely variety of Jasmine is a strong grower, fully hardy, and will produce a mass of fragrant white flowers in early Summer. Train over a walkway or pagoda, or use to cover a fence or trellis.

7L pot, 5ft inc. pot  29.99 (B) (13 in stock)

10L/12L  pot, 9ft-10ft inc. pot  99.99 (F) (10 in stock)  TWO  for 180.00 (F)

Jasmine x stephanese  - Hardy Pink  Jasmine
Jasminum x stephanense is a beautiful FRAGRANT climber that is fully hardy in the UK. This is a semi-evergreen (in a sheltered spot) to deciduous variety that bears lovely, delicate pink flowers all over the vine in June and July. However, the most beautiful effect of this charming climber is its foliage; in Spring you are greeted with variegated yellows, pinks, and greens, as the new leaves emmerge, turning to lush green in summer.
The strong JASMINE FRAGRANCE of this climber can be used to great effect on pagodas and archways - trained overhead, you will be stopped in your tracks by the very strong perfume of the hundreds of flowers that can cover the Jasmine in summer.

7L pot, 5ft (inc. pot)  specimen  29.99 (B)

10L pot, 8ft-9ft (inc. pot) specimen 89.99 (F)

Kerria pleniflora - Japanese Rose

Please see our Japanese Plants section, click here.


Lonicera  American Beauty

A deciduous honeysuckle with showy large  flowers of pink and orange with a long flowering period from Spring to Summer. Beautiful for climbing a wall, shed, or fence.

7litre 6ft specimens

Lonicera  Gold Flame

A strong growing deciduous honeysuckle with beautiful red/pink flowers with golden throats with a long flowering period from Spring to Summer. Non clinging like similar honeysuckles so does need support.

7litre 9-10ft plants inc. pot   

Lonicera  Halls Prolific

Lonicera Halls Prolific is a popular variety of Honeysuckle which is very highly scented  with a profusion of fragrant yellow flowers from June to October. Semi-evergreen but does tend to lose all its leaves in exposed positions.

12L pot, 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) 89.99 (F) 

Lonicera  halliana -  Evergreen Honeysuckle

Lonicera halliana is a fast growing evergreen honeysuckle, which has a long flowering season and multitudes of yellow flowers. 

7litre 7ft-8ft inc. pot  79.99 (F)  

Lonicera henryii - Large Leaf Evergreen Honeysuckle

Lonicera henyri is one of our favourite honeysuckles, and one of our most popular at Silk Tree Nurseries, because of its reliable fully EVERGREEN nature (even in this winters -8C!), its much larger flowers than the normal honeysuckles, and its vigour.

The flowers of  Lonicera Henyri are exotic, fragrant, and very beautiful - a mixture of whites, light blues, and red, and contrast well with rich green foliage. They flower in early summer

7litre approx. 4.5ft-5ft (inc. pot)  29.99  (B)

10litre 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) 99.99 (F)   (15 in stock) TWO  for 180.00 (F)

Lonicera  henryii Copper Beauty

A beautiful variety with new growth that is bronze-red that slowly turns to green - evergreen. Flowers are yellow and very fragrant.

10litre 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) 89.99 (F)  

Lonicera  serotina  -  Serotina Honeysuckle

A beautiful  woody deciduous honeysuckle with stunning tubular flowers budding red and pink then yellow and white in flower. Fast growing. Long flowering period and one of the strongest scents of any honeysuckle.

7L pot , approx. 5ft (inc. pot) 29.99 (E) 

10L pot , approx. 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) 89.99 (F) 

Lonicera  periclymenum   -  English  Honeysuckle

Lonicera periclymenum is a fast growing deciduous honeysuckle (loses all its leaves in Winter) which can quickly cover a wall, shed, or fence and produces fragrant white long tubular flowers which fade to yellow.

12litre approx. 9ft-10ft (inc. pot) -   89.99  (F)

Parthenocissus henryana - Virginia Creeper

Grown for its spectacular autumn foliage, this lovely form of Virginia Creeper has large distinct leaves and a self clinging habit, and will climb a wall or a pagoda with ease. Bright red foliage in the Autumn months. We have some large 6ft specimens available now.

7litre  4.5ft-5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (B)   (10 in stock)

12litre 9-10ft inc. pot  89.99 (F)  

Parthenocissus quinquefolia - Virginia Creeper

A fast growing virginia creeper known as the five finger creeper because of its five leaflets, turning a fabulous orange & scarlet in the Autumn months. Can be grown in any location but prefers sun.

7litre  5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (B)   (31 in stock)

10litre  6ft  inc. pot  59.99 (F)  

10litre  approx. 9ft-10ft inc. pot  99.99 (F)   (17 in stock), 2 for 180.00 (F)

Passiflora cerulea - Passion Flower

Passiflora cerulea, the hardy Passion Flower, can be grown anywhere in the UK OUTDOORS down to approx. -7C. This beautiful evergreen vine will produce one of the most spectacular flowers of the botanical world. Exotic, large flowers cover the vine in July and August and are white and blue and between 2-3inches in diameter. Following the flowers, green Passion Fruits begin to swell, and these will then turn yellow and then orange and can be EATEN when they are ripe - usually in September. They are deliciously sweet and nutritious.  

10litre 9ft-10ft  (inc. pot) 10litre   89.99 (E)  

Passiflora  Constance Elliot - White Passion Flower

Passiflora 'Constance Elliot' is a most maginificent Passion Flower vine for UK GARDENS and is a pure white form of passion flower. Beautiful 3-4inch pure white flowers will cover the vine from head to toe throughout summer and autumn. What our pictures do not show is the simply astonishing fragrance of this vine - one of the strongest of any passion flower. Passiflora 'Constance Elliot' is a Passiflora cerulea (the hardy passion flower you often see) hybrid, which means it will survive OUTDOORS in a sheltered postion. You can also grow it anywhere INDOORS if you wish to.  

10L pot, 5ft (inc. pot - 3 canes)   35.00 (B)      

Passiflora Lavender Lady - Pink Passion Flower

Passilfora Lavender Lady is one of the most beautiful flowers we have ever seen; vivid amethyst purple passion flowers cover this vine from late Spring to late Autumn. The flowers are always a talking point, up to 3-4inches in size, and each one opening only for 1-2 days at a time, but these vines will flower CONTINUOUSLY from early summer to early autumn. Passiflora 'Lavender Lady' is a Passiflora cerulea (the hardy passion flower you often see) hybrid, which means it will survive outdoors (to approx. -7C) in a sheltered position.

The flower of Lavender Lady is the 'star' type, very different from the common passion flower and it is slightly larger, and very vivid, with a hint of fragrance.

10L pot, 6ft (inc. pot - 3 canes)   39.99 (B)  

Passiflora x racemosa - Red  Passion Flower

Passiflora racemosa is one of the most stunning of the passion flower species, with its exquisite display of purple red flowers up to 4inches in diameter. It has larger leaves than the cerulea Passion Flowers  but is also a vigorous grower.

Passion Flower vines can also be grown indoors in any light room, and can be simply amazing when they cover a whole wall or bookshelf and come into flower!

10L pot, 6ft (inc. pot - 3 canes)   39.99 (B)    

Pyracantha RED COLUMN

Pyracantha is grown for its amazing display of autumn berries, as well as for its unique ability to act as a fence against burglars or unwanted animals such as cats, rabbits and dogs! This very easy to care for plant has 1/2 to 1inch thorns all over the branches. It is reliably EVERGREEN, giving interest all year round, with small white flowers in late Spring and in autumn a stunning display of bright scarlet berries which cover the plant from head to toe. Pyracantha can make an effective guard against unwanted visitors, and can be grown as a hedge - or plant back border for an autumn display of red berries.

5litre (5ft inc. pot ) 45.00 (C) (5 in stock) 

Schizophragma Rose Sensation  - Japanese Hydrangea Vine

A rarely available deciduous climbing woody Hydrangea, very slow growing which has lovely heart shaped leaves in Spring and in early Summer produces beautiful sprays of lacecap white flowers and pink florets. Ideal for a shady North or East facing wall, they dislike strong sun, and will eventually grow to a few metres in height. Fully hardy.

7L pot, approx. 3ft-3.5ft  inc. pot  34.99 (B)   

Solanum jasminoides alba - Chilean Potato Vine (White)

The wonderful Chilean Potato Vine, Solanum jasminoides alba , is a lovely green foliage vine, which is  semi-evergreen (but loses a lot of its leaves in exposed areas). In late spring to mid summer, it is covered in small, fragrant, white, star flowers. Strong growing.

7L pot, approx. 5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (B)   

7L pot, approx. 8ft-9ft  inc. pot  89.99 (E)   

Solanum jasminoides glasnevin  - Chilean Potato Vine (Purple)

This is the purple flowering variety of the Potato Vine above which is very pretty combined with the white but also as a standalone climbing shrub.

7L pot, approx. 5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (F)   

10L pot, approx. 7ft-8ft inc. pot  79.99 (F)    (1 in stock)

Trachleospermum jasminoides - Evergreen Star Jasmine

One of the most sought after Jasmines, Star Jasmine is grown for both it's evergreen foliage, and it's highly fragrant, sweet smelling white star-like flowers that cover the whole vine from mid-to late summer. Foliage will turn bronze in winter. Star Jasmine can be easily grown OUTDOORS on a warm wall or patio area. It is non-invasive and quite slow growing for a climber. 

7L pot  , approx. 5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (B)    ( 7 in stock)

12L pot  approx. 9ft-10ft inc. pot  89.99 (F)    ( 1 in stock)



Trachleospermum  'Pink Showers' - Evergreen Pink Star Jasmine

A lovely PINK flowering variety of evergreen jasmine.

7L pot  approx. 7ft-8ft inc. pot  79.99 (F)    ( 4 in stock)



Trachleospermum jasminoides 'Star Of Toscane' - Evergreen Star Jasmine

This beautiful new introduction is as hardy as the normal star jasmine above but has stunning buttery yellow flowers with a long flowering period from late Spring.

7L pot, approx. 4.5ft-5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (B)