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Silk Tree Nurseries specialize in large plants for instant gardens, but we do also grow a variety of selected sculptural and unusual perennials and shrubs. 

Sculptural  Perennial EIGHT Plant Collection - 8 2litre plants (our selection)

A  collection of 8 two litre sized plants from at least THREE varieties  , our selection. May be supplied as roots in the winter months as some of these die back for winter. All supplied in pots, ready to plant. An ideal way to purchase a number of our 2litre perennials at a reduced cost.  Photo taken in October.  These are not plug plants, but 2litre pot size  perennials. Supplied as roots in winter (in their pots). Varieties may include papaver, polemonium, geum, campanula, veronica, grasses, verbascum, astilbe, abelia.

EIGHT 2L   pot perennials   (at least 3 varieties)  40.00 (B)

Astilbe - FOUR  2litre plants

Our FOUR astilbe collection consists of four fully hardy, deciduous astilbe that are all suitable for full or half shade positions in the garden. These plants are ideal for a shady border or in pots in a shaded patio - producing lovely green/ bronze foliage in Spring and flowers of red/ purple (or mixed colours) in Summer.They will be shipped IN THEIR POTS ready for planting. Our astilbe come FULLY HARDENED OFF having been grown outside, under our specially constructed shaded tunnel with misting and fogging systems. They are of superb quality and will quickly grow into substantial plants very quickly. You are buying FOUR 2litre astilbe - MAYBE CUT BACK IN WINTER SO SUPPLIED WITHOUT STEMS OR LEAVES IN WINTER MONTHS

FOUR  2L Astilbe   19.99 (B)

Geum Mrs Bradshaw (Red)  - FOUR  2litre plants

This beautiful sculptural perennial will grace you with beautiful single red  flowers in early summer. A low growing perennial to 1-2ft, not fussy about soil content or position. Our Geum come FULLY HARDENED OFF having been grown outside. The photo shows some of the actual plants (taken in June). You are buying FOUR 2litre Geum - MAYBE CUT BACK IN WINTER SO SUPPLIED WITHOUT STEMS OR LEAVES IN WINTER MONTHS

FOUR  2L Geum Mrs Bradshaw   19.99 (B)

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