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Trees  and   conifers are not confined to large gardens, but can be POTTED  for patios, small gardens or seating areas. Even large trees can be safely and easily grown in containers, and moved about the garden for that instant canopy effect.  We stock many and unusual trees at he nursery including oramental cherries, silk trees, & acacia.  Please note that all  sizes include the  pot. 


Abies  koreana -  Korean / Japanese Fir

The Korean /  Japanese Fir Abies koreana is a medium to large, but very slow growing tree, which is grown mainly for its lovely evergreen needle foliage and it's beautiful blue upright cones which stand vertically from the branches.

This tree can be pruned to be kept at any height in your garden - don't be afraid to plant a large growing tree in a small garden - as long as they are pruned every year they can be grown with ease. We have two very large 50litre specimens in stock now which are approx. 7ft inc. pot, with a 3ft diameter spread of branches. These are pot grown trees (not bare root or root ball) and will be supplied in their pots.

50L  pot,  7ft (inc. pot)  specimen  299.99 (E)   

Acacia dealbata -   Silver Acacia Tree

Acacia dealbata is a  beautiful, delicate foliage tree which has Mimosa like leaves and stunning pom pom yellow flowers. It is often misnamed the Mimosa, and although very similar, this tree is actually hardy in the sheltered garden. It is able to withstand -8C for short periods of time, and when established down to -15C. Acacia dealbata is established in many RHS  gardens around the country and is a superb plant to try in the garden.

Acacias make stunning patio  trees which you can leave out all year round, or grow in the ground as a specimen focal point in the garden.

12L  pot,  approx. 8ft-9ft  (inc. pot) single stem,    79.99 (E)   

Acacia  bailyana purpurea  - Blue Acacia Tree

Acacia  baileyana is a very beautiful feather leaf acacia which has distinct soft blue leaves. Golden flowers in summer. More tender than dealbata, so protect with fleece if below -4C.

20L   9ft  (shipped at 9ft )  99.99 (E)  ( 2 only)

Acacia  pravissima  - Weeping Acacia Tree

Please see our Jungle Plants section

Albizzia julibrissin Rosea - Persian Pink Silk Tree

'Rosea' is the selected deep pink form of the species Silk Tree, and after growing this form fo rthe last seven years, we have found it to be very, very hardy, and vigorous producing a fabulous small tree in just a few years.

5L  pot  (just repotted) approx. 2-3ft specimens  24.99 (A)

10L  pot  approx. 5ft specimens  49.99 (B)  

25L 8ft inc. pot specimen 179.99  (E)


Albizzia julibrissin   SUMMER CHOCOLATE - Red Leaf Silk Tree

For the first time this year we are pleased to be offering in VERY limited numbers the new RED LEAF silk tree, Albizzia Summer Chocolate. Leaves of this silk tree unfurl green and then turn to deep burgundy red in the summer sun. Deep pink flowers in late summer as the leaves are at their darkest. A truly spectacular form of silk tree, hardy in a sheltered location.

12L (6ft-6.5ft  inc. pot)  specimen 89.99 (E) 

Betula utilis jacquemontii ' SNOW QUEEN'  White stemmed Himalayan Birch

The white stemmed Himalayan Birch has been the darling of the Chelsea Flower Show for the last 2 years, and when you see one up close, you understand why! They are simply stunning in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and especially Winter. Young branches begin an ordinary brown colour, but as the trees mature, this peels back to reveal  a brilliant snow white underbark. Contrast this with the greens of exotic foliage of palms and cordylines, or compliment the Himalayn Birch with the vivid red, orange, and yellow stems of Dogwood and you will have the best Winter display possible.

Himalayan Birch are completely hardy, and will tolerate most soils - they are ideal for a small, medium, or large garden, and can be pruned to shape. They will not damage the house foundations, so can be planted quite close to the home - alternatively, why not plant them in containers and have a patio display of these magnificent trees. The wind rustling through the leaves in Spring and Summer will really make a patio come to life.


10litre, 9ft (inc. pot) , approx. 1/2inch-3/4inch diameter , 69.99 (B)    

Betula pendula - Silver Birch

The Silver Birch is still one of my very favourite trees, with beautiful, shimmering foliage in the growing season, which rustles in the slightest breeze and looks like a delicate waterfall of green and silver. Catkins of brown and gold cascade from the tree in Winter, and when only a little older, this tree has magnificent bark for all year round interest. This tree can be pruned to be kept at any height in your garden (even as a bonsai!) - don't be afraid to plant a large growing tree in a small garden - as long as they are pruned every Winter they can be grown with ease. However, as a PATIO TREE, Silver Birch are superb - you can move it around the patio to screen areas, and the shimmering foliage make a nice contrast to pot bamboo. Container grown trees can be planted ANY time of the year.

10L pot  6ft  specimens at 24.99 (B)

Betula pendula YOUNGII - Weeping Silver Birch

If you only ever have one tree as a pot specimen on your patio, then this must be it! The fabulous WEEPING Silver Birch tree is quite unlike any other, with its beautiful weeping branches. Having three or four of these wonderful trees in a semi-circle around your seating area or barbecue really creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, with the breeze catching the delicate leaves which twinkle and shimmer silver and green. Oranges and yellow autumn foliage follow next season.

25L pot, 9ft specimens (shipped at 9ft)  at 99.99 (E)  ( 2 only)

Catalpa bignoides nana - Golden Indian Bean Tree

This is the green form of Indian Bean Tree which is grown not only for it's lush foliage, but also for its amazing fruit; long bean pods up to 1ft in length hang from all over the tree through late autumn to early Spring. It is fully hardy, and environmentally friendly, absorbing pollution as it grows. It can be successfully grown in containers for a very unusual and beautiful patio display, and comes into it's own in the exotic or jungle garden where it will make a central specimen tree. We are offering top grafted DWARF specimens which should stay below 6-7ft.

10L pot  approx. 4.5ft  DWARF specimens at 49.99 (B)

Catalpa aurea - Golden Indian Bean Tree

 This is a beautiful and much sought after GOLDEN leaf form of Indian bean Tree.  We are offering top grafted DWARF specimens which should stay below 6-7ft.

10L pot  approx. 4.5ft  DWARF specimens at 49.99 (B)

CEDRUS species

Please see our JAPANESE PLANTS section - click here


Cercis Forest Pansy

The  much sought after Cercis candensis Forest Pansy, has unique and very unusual heart shaped leaves that are purple and red in Spring and summer, turning to fire red in autumn. This small, slow growing tree, is an ideal subject for the smaller garden or as a potted specimen.

Always a talking point, the Forest Pansy can be used in most garden styles, and they fit in well into the Exotic and Japanese garden because of their colour and leaf shape.

10Litre  pot, 6ft specimens inc. pot  69.99 (E) (2 only)


Corylus contorta - Twisted Hazel

An unusual  and exciting plant, the green twisted hazel is grown for its wonderful naturally twisted stems and large, floppy contorted and rounded leaves, and hanging catkins. This is a very structural plant, but also an unusual one, and is not out of place in the jungle, and exotic style garden. It is also a favourite with flower arrangers, with its remarkable stems.

15Litre  pot, 5.5ft-6ft specimens   69.99 (B)

CRYPTOMERIA species - Japanese Temple Cedars

Please see our JAPANESE PLANTS section - click here



ITALIAN CYPRESS - cupressus sempivirens

That classic  Italian garden look is captured beautifully only by the spectacular Italian Cypress. Instantly creating that sculptured, expensive, designer image, these beautiful trees can be used in a formal garden, as a regal screen, or as a specimen container tree on a patio. Always the darling of the Chelsea flower shows, they shine in any formal effect garden. The top photo shows our very large 9ft specimens.

25L pot  approx. 8ft  (inc. pot) specimens 165.00 (E)  (1 in stock) 

25L pot  approx. 9ft  (inc. pot) specimens 175.00 (E)  (10 in stock) 


Cupressus goldcrest  - Golden Lemon Scented Conifer

Cupressus goldcrest  is a GOLDEN specimen conifer, that naturally grows into a cone shaped column confier.  It shines golden yellow, and holds its foliage through the harshest of winters.
Ideal in a pot, or plant them in your lawn, this specimen conifer will only need clipping once a year to maintain an even shape and this unique form of GOLDEN CONFIER also has a LEMON SCENT when you rub your hands through it or brush against it!
These beautiful conifers are fully hardy OUTDOORS all year round, and will be evergreen throughout the winter. The photos show our very large 7ft-8ft specimens.

30L pot , 7ft-8ft (inc. pot)  specimens  124.99 (B)


Cupressus goldcrest wilma - Golden Lemon Scented Conifer

Cupressus wilma is almost identical to the above species, but with a slightly tighter shape and more of a lemony colour in season. The top photo shows our 3.5ft specimens and the lower photo shows our 4ft-5ft specimens.

5L pot , 3ft-40inch specimens  (more in  May)

7L pot , approx. 4.5ft-5ft  (inc. pot)  specimens (shown in bottom photo)  39.99 (B)

Forsythia Spring Glory

A must for the cottage garden, forsythia is one of the earliest shrubs to flower in late winter or early spring and produces a mass of golden yellow flowers all over this strong growing large bush or small tree. . Fast growing, it can be pruned to any shape to keep large or small. The Spring Glory hybrid has twice the number of blooms and the flowers are a beautiful lemon yellow.

10L pot, 5ft specimen 29.99 (B)      

Gingko  biloba - Japanese Maidenhair Tree

We are privileged to offer these living fossils, which date back hundreds of millions of years. A unique and unusual tree which has fan shaped leaves turning a mouth watering honey yellow in autumn. The Ginkgo is an extraordinary tree, bathed in mysticism and revered in Japan where some specimens still growing are over 900 years old.
This Gingko tree makes an ideal addition to the Japanese style garden - please see our JAPANESE PLANTS selection, click here.

5L pot , approx 18inch inc. pot 14.99 (A)   

9L pot  approx 3.5ft-4ft  inc. pot 29.99 (B)   

ILEX  AQUIFOLIUM  - Green  Holly
Evergreen. The  common variety of holly that is an ideal barrier against unwanted visitors to the garden, or can be used in topiary forms.

See our HEDGING section for sizes available: click here



This is not only one of our most popular conifers, but also one of my favourites. Juniper 'Blue Arrow' is a columnar conifer, which means it grows high and slim, making an extremely archetectural specimens. Blue Arrow is VERY straight and narrow, in fact almost as elegant as an Italian Cypress, but with the benefit of having beautiful, shimmering, light blue foliage. This conifer is EVERGREEN, so you will keep this blue foliage all through the depths of Winter - it is totally unaffected by wind, frost, ice - even in a pot. The top photo shows some of the 5litre specimens in stock (click on picture to enlarge).ALL SIZES ARE POT GROWN (not rootballed) so can be planted any time of year.

5L pot, approx. 4ft (inc. pot) 24.99 (B)

7L pot, approx. 5.5ft (inc. pot) 39.99 (C)

FIVE x 7L pot, approx. 5.5ft (inc. pot) 180.00 (E)

Juniper Blue Carpet - Japanese Blue Creeping Juniper

A ground hugging, creeping Japanese juniper to create shape and form around ponds and stones in the Japanese garden. Slow growing, it will form a carpet of BLUE. Evergreen and fully hardy.

2litre specimens 5.99 (A) 

10litre specimens (approx. spread of 3ft) 49.99 (B)  ( 3 only)


Juniper Sky Rocket is another popular columnar conifer, and , as the name suggests, shoots upwards - slightly faster than Blue Arrow, but easily maintained, growing 1-2ft per year in the ground. Ideal to line a patio or pathway, as a specimen in a pot, or as a formal and sculptural hedge. The photo shows some of the actual specimens in stock - these are pot grown and can be planted any time of the year.

 10L  6ft (inc. pot) 39.99 (C) ( 15 only)


Larix decidua  - JAPANESE LARCH

The Japanese Larch is most commonly seen as a bonsai tree, but makes a superb project tree for Japanese style gardens, where it can be pruned and shaped into beautiful windswept forms. Simply use wire and pruning to create a large bonsai form, very popular in Japan.

The Japanese Larch is a deciduous tree, losing its needles in winter.

5L pot, 3-4ft specimens 19.99 (A)    

10L pot, 4ft 'S' shaped wired for cloud pruning  59.99 (B)    

Starter bonsai specimen (wired branches) 2litre pot  24.99 (A)   


Magnolias - for availability lease see our Japanese section - CLICK HERE

Magnolias make the ideal small tree for compact sized gardens, and can be pruned as a shrub, or as a specimen tree. They are deciduous (losing their leaves in autumn), and are known for their incredible flower displays in early Spring, flowers which appear BEFORE the leaves, making the whole of the tree appear a ball of colour. They can be used as specimen trees, planted in the garden now, or left in a pot to be used in a patio display for early Spring. For availability, please see our JAPANESE PLANTS section - CLICK HERE


Paulownia tomentosa  - Foxglove Tree

The Paulownia tomentosa is a favourite at Silk Tree Nurseries because of its stunning jungle like foliage, and can be used to great effect in the Jungle or Exotic garden. This beautiful tree bears very unique and spectacular flowers BEFORE the leaves which resemble foxgloves growing from the branches. You can grow this lovely tree in two ways - as an upright specimen tree where it will grow to a substantial height in a short period, or coppice it to grow it as a large shrub / bush. To produce flowers: You mustn't prune it, as the flowers are produced on last years wood. To produce massive 3ft+ diameter leaves: Prune it! Do this in the winter months when the tree is dormant (Dec-Feb) cutting into the hardwood, prune to approx. 3-4ft. This will be at the expense of the flowers, but will produce very very large leaves.

3ft plants, 5Litre pots  - 19.99 (B)  

Pinus species - please see our Japanese Plants section, click here


Prunus serrula Tibetan Cherry Tree

A fabulous tree for any garden, the Tibetan Cherry is grown for its beautiful, peeling, red bark, which is present all year (but looks wonderful in the winter months). Willow green leaves are followed by small white flowers, and in the autumn, small fruits are produced, attractive to the birds.

This is a medium to large tree, but can be kept any height by pruning once in the winter months. It can also be grown as a spectacular pot tree. The photos are of our actual specimens (taken in November). These are approx. 9.5ft tall inc. pot with an approx. 1.5inch diameter trunk in a 45litre pot - these are pot grown trees (not bare root or root ball) and will be supplied in their pots.

45litre specimens (approx. 9.5ft inc. pot) 179.99 (E) (1 only)

Pseudolarix amabilis Bonsai Tree

We are very pleased to be offering fa very limited number of the stunning Chinese Golden Larches, Pseudolarix amabilis. These OUTDOOR bonsai trees have beautiful lime green new needles in Spring, which in autumn give a magnificent display of blazing orange. These are deciduous bonsai trees, so lose all their needles in the dormant months, but are hardy and can be left in the garden over winter (protect the pot and root with fleece if a hard winter is expected). These bonsai trees are approx. 30inch-3ft inc. pot in a 1ft tall by 8.5inch square clay bonsai display pot and have an approx. trunk diameter of 1inch-1.5inch, with an approx. 18inch-2ft spread of branches. The pictures show some of the actual bonsai trees on offer ( top one taken in April, bottom one in October). PLEASE NOTE: these are deciduous bonsai trees, losing all their needles in the winter months.

Pseudolarix Bonsai Tree  124.99 (B)   

Robinia Twisty Baby
This beautiful and unusual dwarf tree naturally forms a twisted shape, both branches and leaves twisting and curling. These specimens are grafted, and are on DWARF rootstock so won't take over the garden or grow into a very large tree. This is a deciduous tree, losing all its leaves in winter.

10litre pot, 4ft- 4.5ft inc. pot -  £49.99 (C)

Rhus typhina  - Staghorn Sumach
Sumach trees are one of the easiest trees to care for, and really do have that exotic feel to them, with  weeping brances of  pinnate leaves to 2ft long. Stunning autumn foliage of bright orange and red, with crimson red fruit in the winter months. An ideal small tree for garden planting.  The photos show some of our larger specimens (which will be available in autumn)

5Litre Pot  approx. 5ft inc. pot  specimens -  £34.99 (B)  

Fire Fern Sumach Tree - Rhus typhina  lacianata
The  Fire Fern Sumach Tree  is a beautiful and very unusual small tree that has large, fern-like foliage which is very tropical looking, hairy red stems and branches, and red conical fruits over winter. This is a deciduous tree, losing all it's leaves in winter, BUT before it does this, you are given the most spectacular autumn foliage display of any tree, comparable only to Japanese Maples and Liquidamber's! The leaves of the Fire Fern Sumach will come ablaze with yellow, orange, gold, and even scarlet red foliage!

5litre pot, 4.5ft inc. pot specimens -  £34.99 (B)

Sequoia sempivirens - Californian Redwood
The very famous Californian Redwood is the tallest tree in the world at just shy of 380ft! Plant it in your garden to scare your neighbours  and watch it go! Or alternatively pot it into a large pot and keep it 6ft by pruning and it makes a lovely patio tree (and you can still say you have a Californian Redwood in your garden!) . These are fully hardy and evergreen. They will also outlive you, and your children, and your children's children - they can live up to 1800 years!

10litre pot, approx. 9ft-10ft inc. pot - £124.99 (E) (4 in stock)

  Sequoiadendron giganteum - Giant  Redwood
This is the LARGEST tree in the world (as opposed to the TALLEST which is the Sequoia above), with a frighteningly large diameter trunk when mature! Again, beautiful if kept in a pot or pruned to keep shaped. Evergreen.

10litre pot, approx. 5ft inc. pot - £59.99 (B)  (more in Feb/Mar 2017)

Taxodium distichum - Swamp Cypress
An usual deciduous conifer, famous for its ability to grow in swampland , this beautiful tree makes a fabulous statement in any garden, and while it can survive in a dry environment it will do best in a wet or even waterlogged place in the garden. Fast growing in water, so keep pruned if you want a small tree, or can be left to grow to 30m. They also make excellent wired trees for bonsai shapes. Stunning autumn colour or orange, yellow, and brown.

7litre pot, 5ft specimen  -  £39.99 (B)


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