Cloud Trees:

We are  very  pleased to be offering  for the fourth  year a very limited number of Japanese Cloud Trees. Cloud Trees  are selected slow growing trees that have been specifically  trained and pruned over a  number of years to cloud bonsai form.



Cedrus libani Cedar of Lebanon Cloud Tree (photos show our actual specimens in stock, taken throughout the year, with green new needles  in Spring and Summer, and with a blue hue in the Autumn and Winter)

6ft  inc. pot 70Litre  Cedrus libani Cloud Tree, 16-18 clouds at  999.99 (E) - (3 in stock)


 Japanese Holly 'S' shaped Cloud Tree -  Ilex Crenata  -  resembling  English box, and not at all prickly, this type of Ilex is used widely for large niwaki, bonsai and cloud forms - these are beautiful 'S' shaped specimens which are approx. 45inches inc. pot with an approx. 2ft spread and five clouds.

15L Ilex crenata Cloud Tree 199.99  (E) ( 6 only)



Japanese Kimne Cloud Tree -   Ilex Crenata Kimne  -  Some lovely smaller Japanese Kimne Cloud Trees which are approx. 4ft-4.5ft inc. pot in 18litre pots with approx. 7-10 clouds. Easy to maintain and keep in pot or in the ground. This 'Kimne' hybrid has beautiful golden yellow foliage in Spring, which then turns green during summer. The lower two photos taken May & June (golden foliage) , the top photo taken in Summer with green foliage (and having been trimmed). 

Approx. 4ft inc. pot 18L Ilex crenata Kimne Cloud Tree 149.99 (E) (6 in stock)

Buxus niwaki  Cloud Tree -  Some lovely mature white stemmed buxus niwaki prunued cloud trees in 25litre size pots. Approx. 3ft-3.5ft inc. pot, and each one unique.

25L Buxus niwaki  Cloud Tree 149.99 (E) (8 in stock)


Japanese Dwarf  Privet Cloud Tree - Ligustrum rotundifolia

The very unusual Japanese Dwarf Privet is a fully hardy shrub that can be pruned into an ideal cloud bonsai tree over many years. Fully hardy, with unusual curly evergreen foliage. The photos show the actual Ligustrum rotundifolia cloud trees on offer (taken throughout the year)  These are approx. 54inch (inc. pot) trees with four clouds, with a total diameter spread of approx. 30inches in a 12 litre pot.

54inch inc. pot 12L Ligustrum Cloud Tree 124.99 (E)


Juniper Kaizuka Cloud Tree  - approx. 4ft inc. pot, evergreen with 5-6 clouds -  these photos taken in late January with darker foliage, and cut back - lighter in Spring and Summer. A Chinese Juniper.

15L Juniper Kaizuka Cloud Tree at 199.99 (E) ( 2 only)


Juniper Blue Alps  Cloud Tree - approx. 46inches inc. pot, evergreen with 5 clouds

15L Juniper Blue Alps  Cloud Tree at 199.99 (E)  


Japanese Larch Cloud Tree (Larix kaempferi) - We are pleased to be offering for the first time this year our very own shaped Japanese Larch treees (Larix kaempferi). These trees are on their sixth year and have been shaped every winter (with wiring) - they are now the 'S' shape but require pinching and pruning to produce more dense clouds over the next few years - You can , of course, choose to carry growing it upwards if you prefer (and shape more bends into the trunk) .Please note that this is a deciduous cloud tree,  so loses all its needles in the winter months - in  late autumn the needles turn a beautiful golden yellow before falling. We have two sizes, 5ft and 6ft in 15litre. These may have a central cane for support (this can be removed if you are not growing it any taller). The top two photos show our 5ft specimens in January (in the snow!) and Autumn as needles turn colour. The lower two photos show our 6ft specimens in January and in October with green needles.

15L 5ft Japanese Larch  Cloud Tree at 124.99 (E) 

15L 6ft Japanese Larch  Cloud Tree at 179.99 (E) 


Juniper Grey Owl Cloud Tree  -  approx. 44inches inc. pot, evergreen with 5 clouds -  these photos taken in mid winter with the needles turned to blue/green - in the Spring and Summer they are silvery grey.

15L Juniper Grey Owl Cloud Tree at 199.99 (E)


Juniper pfitzeriana aurea  Cloud Tree  - approx. 44inch-4ft  inc. pot, evergreen with 6 clouds -  these photos taken in mid winter with the needles  green -  in Spring and Summer they turn a beautiful golden yellow.

15L Juniper pfitz. aurea Cloud Tree at 199.99 (E)   ( 1 only)


Juniper Prostrata Cloud Tree  - approx. 42-45inches inc. pot, evergreen with 5 clouds -  the first photo was taken May with vivid green new foliage, second photo in November with blue needles . Prostrata has naturally wave-like branches that appear to flow from the main stem.  A beautiful cloud tree.

15L Juniper prostrata  Cloud Tree at 179.99 (E)   (1 in stock)



Cedrus glauca Cloud Tree (photos show our 70Litre specimens)

6ft  inc. pot 70Litre  BLUE Cedrus glauca Cloud Tree , 18-20 clouds at  799.99 (E) 


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