Exotic and jungle plants are becoming ever more popular in UK gardens, and Silk Tree Nurseries try to provide the hardiest and ones most likely to thrive in our conditions.  Be aware of the eventual size and spread of some of these plants, which can grow very large. 

Abutilon  megapotomicum  -

This is the  wonderful Red Hummingbird Bush, Abutilon megapotamicum. This rarely offered 'climbing' Abutilon will astound you in the summer months with its unique and enchanting red & yellow hanging bell flowers which cover the plant from head to toe.

Abutilon megapotamicum can be grown either as a bush or as a climber and will grow up to 7ft high and become bushy. It needs a nice warm spot in a sheltered garden to show its full potential and remains semi-evergreen throughout the year in this position. It can be grown in the garden (beautiful if planted within the stems of a delicate bamboo such as Fargesia) or as a patio pot plant.

10L  pot  approx. 6ft  (inc. pot)    49.99 (B)   (9 in stock)

Acacia  dealbata  - Silver Acacia Tree

Acacia  dealbata is a beautiful, delicate foliage tree which has Mimosa like leaves and stunning pom pom yellow flowers. It is often misnamed the Mimosa, and although very similar, this tree is actually hardy in the sheltered garden. It is able to withstand -8C for short periods of time, and when established down to -15C. Acacia dealbata is established in many RHS  gardens around the country and is a superb plant to try in the garden.

Acacias make  stunning patio  trees which you can leave out all year round, or grow in the ground as a specimen focal  point in the garden. The bottom photo to the left shows one of our very large 35litre specimens.

7L  pot,  approx. 5ft (inc. pot)   34.99 (B)    (1 in stock)

35L  pot,  approx. 9ft-10ft  (inc. pot)   124.99 (E)    (8 in stock, shown in bottom photo)

Acacia   bailyana purpurea  -  Blue Acacia Tree

Acacia  baileyana is a very beautiful feather leaf acacia which has distinct soft blue leaves. Golden flowers in summer. More tender than dealbata, so protect with fleece if below -4C.

15L-20L  8ft-9ft inc. pot (shipped at 8ft-9ft )  99.99 (E) 

Acacia  pravissima  - Weeping Acacia Tree

Acacia pravissima is one of the most unusual and striking  trees we grow at Silk Tree Nurseries. This beautiful tree is very rarely available, but should be grown more often in the UK as it is a reliably HARDY Acacia tree which will grow in the UK climate with ease. It is EVERGREEN, with very unusual TRIANGULAR leaves. Acacia pravissima has a lovely weeping habit, and when it reaches 3-4ft will begin to flower, with exquisite yellow puff ball flowers covering the whole tree.

7L pot , 6ft (inc. pot) 45.00 (E)  ( 9 in stock)

20L pot , 6ft (inc. pot) 59.99 (E)  ( 1 in stock)

Actindia SOLISSIMO-  Edible Kiwi Fruit

The very exotic, lush, and extremely vigorous Kiwi Vine is a choice plant for the exotic or jungle garden, grown for it's superb foliage - leaves of the kiwi vine can be 1ft in diameter each! These vines can easily cover the front of a large house in 2-3years.

Kiwi Vines  can be grown successfully over pagodas or trellis, used as house wall climbers, or simply grown in a large pot for an unusual and lush patio display. They can be used to great effect in the exotic garden, with bamboo, trachycarpus palms, and cordylines .

Please see our CLIMBERS section for sizes and prices


Aesculus pavia rosea nana  - Dwarf Horse Chestnut

This rarely available tree is a beautiful exotic looking dwarf version of a horse chestnut, with lovely large horse chestnut shaped leaves which are bronze in Spring, turning green in Summer, then turning yellow and orange in Autumn. In early Summer  you are graced with panicles of pink flowers. A very slow growing tree, ideal for small gardens achieving only 5-6ft after many years. The photo to left shows the beautiful flowers, the photos from left to right below show the leaf colour in early Spring, and the tree in flower in Summer.

10L pot , 4ft (inc. pot) 49.99 (B)

Albizzia julibrissin Rosea - Persian Pink Silk Tree

'Rosea' is the selected deep pink form of the species Silk Tree, and after growing this form fo rthe last seven years, we have found it to be very, very hardy, and vigorous producing a fabulous small tree in just a few years.

7L/10L  pot approx. 6ft-7ft (inc. pot)  69.99 (E)   (8 in stock)

Albizzia julibrissin Summer Chocolate - Burgundy Leaf Silk Tree

A quite  new form of the Silk Tree - with leaves that turn to Burgundy Red in the summer months. A grafted variety and stunning in August and September. This is a GRAFTED variety, strong growing and flowering at a young age.

10L  approx. 6ft-7ft inc. pot  69.99 (E) 

Arbutus unedo rubra - Hardy Strawberry Bush

The Strawberry Tree, Arbutus unedo, makes the perfect bush or small tree for a small garden. Growing very slowly to only approx 8-10ft, you will be rewarded with glossy EVERGREEN leaves, and a beautiful red-brown, strawberry coloured bark. Small, pinkish-white flowers cover the tree between October and December, and these are followed by EDIBLE Strawberry-like fruits that hang in clusters from the branches. They turn slowly from orange to deep red throughout the year. Native to Southern Ireland, this tree is much sought after for the EXOTIC and JUNGLE garden, and also makes a very interesting plant for the sunny patio. Strawberry Trees are hardy and evergreen.

9litre (approx. 3.5ft inc. pot) at  39.99 (B)  

Brahea armata (Mexican Blue Palm Tree)

A great palm to try in the UK garden in free draining soil in a hot sunny location - water well in the summer months and protect the trunk with fleece if below -8c looms. Stunning blue fan leaves from a central bulbous trunk.

The photos show some of the actual palms on offer (taken in April).

12litre approx. 40-45inch  inc. pot, approx. 10inch trunk 59.99 (C)  


Butia capitata (Jelly Palm Tree)

A beautiful arching palm with a single trunk that is surprisingly hardy in the UK (to about -8C) - can grow an impressive thick trunk in English gardens, and has lush, arching green feather-like palm leaves. Protect the trunk with fleece if -8c or lower threatens. Water well in the summer months.

The photos show some of the actual palms on offer (taken in April).

10litre approx. 5ft-5.5ft  inc. pot, approx. 8inch trunk 124.99 (C)  

Catalpa bignoides nana -  Indian Bean Tree

This is the green form of Indian Bean Tree which is grown not only for it's lush foliage, but also for its amazing fruit; long bean pods up to 1ft in length hang from all over the tree through late autumn to early Spring. It is fully hardy, and environmentally friendly, absorbing pollution as it grows. It can be successfully grown in containers for a very unusual and beautiful patio display, and comes into it's own in the exotic or jungle garden where it will make a central specimen tree. We are offering some beautiful top grafted specimens.

10L pot  approx. 4ft Dwarf inc. pot (top grafted) at 39.99 (B) (1 only)

Catalpa aurea - Golden Indian Bean Tree

 This is a beautiful and much sought after GOLDEN leaf form of Indian bean Tree.  We are offering top grafted DWARF specimens which should stay below 6-7ft.

10L pot   approx. 5ft  DWARF specimen at 49.99 (E) (1 only)

Chamerops humilis (Hardy Palm Tree)

The European Fan Palm, Chamerops humilis, is one of the most hardiest palm trees for the outdoor UK garden. It is a 'clumping' palm tree that grows multiple trunks and takes on a bush-like appearance. Large, fan-like leaves stretch out from the centre of each trunk. Evergreen, it is very frost hardy, and makes an ideal container palm for the patio, or plant it in the garden in free draining soil.

15litre approx. 3ft inc. pot, approx. 10inch trunk, 2ft spread   59.99 (C)  

Choisya AZTEC PEARL (Mexican Orange)

A hybrid mexican orange, this lovely form has elegant lobed leaves, bright green, and is flushed with FRAGRANT white flowers in late Spring. A compact form of mexican orange, which is hardy and evergreen, growing to 3-4ft.  Fragrant foliage.

10litre 29.99(approx. 26inches inc. pot)  (B) (1 in stock)

Choisya ternata (Mexican Orange)

The species plant, strong growing, evergreen, fragrant flowers in Spring.

10litre (approx. 3ft inc. pot) 29.99 (B)


Cordyline australis - Torbay Palm Tree

For instant impact, a spectacular Torbay Palm will add exotic effect to any garden. Wonderfully exotic, yet very hardy (protect with fleece in hard winters). These very easy plants can grow to 12ft within 4 years and create a superb canopy for the exotic or jungle garden. They make excellent patio specimens, and require little water during the growing season.  The top photo shows one of our smaller 5ft, 12litre sized  specimens, and the lower photo shows some of our large 30litre 6ft specimens.

12litre  (approx. 5ft  inc. pot) 59.99 (C) ( 4 in stock)

35litre (6ft inc. pot, 2-3ft trunk  ) 149.99 (E) (1 only)

Eucalyptus gunnii - Gum Tree
The toughest of all the gum trees, this Eucalyptus will survive any soil, any abuse, any amount of pruning, and any conditons!  You can grow it as a dense bush by clipping every year, in a pot, or as a 50ft high tree! Beautiful all year round blue foliage.  

5L pot , approx. 4ft 24.99 (B) (7 in stock)

10L pot ,  6ft-7ft specimens 45.00 (E) 

Eucalyptus niphophila - Gum Tree
The Alpine Snow Gum, Eucalyptus niphophila, is one the most attractive FULLY HARDY Eucalyptus. What makes this Eucalyptus so distinctive is the large oval blue leaves, which really show during the winter months as this beautiful species keeps its foliage all through the year. It has snakeskin bark at a young age, and can be used to great effect as a backdop for the greener foliage plants (Cordylines and Palms), or grow in a pot on the patio, and pruned to keep to a desired height.

12L pot,  7ft (inc. pot)  59.99 (E) 

Fatshedera x lizei - Giant Climbing Fatsia
A unique, unusual  and dramatic foliage plant, this is actually a cross between ivy (hedera) and the castor oil plant (fatsia), so it has a climbing habit, but with very large Fatsia japonica like leaves. Very hardy, and suitable for a climbing position - an ideal addition to the exotic and jungle garden. Very easy to grow, use it for a bold foliage show against a wall, or train it up a wigwam of canes. Plant in half shade.

7L pot,  approx. 5ft  inc. pot   at 35.00 (B)

Fatsia japonica - Japaanese Aralia
Lush, green, lobed, palmate leaves give this plant a real exotic look. Evergreen, and frost tolerant, it will add a sub-tropical look to any garden. Tolerant of most soils, this plant will withstand even harsh, coastal uk climates. Unusual ball clusters of white flowers are produced in autumn, followed by black fruits.

10L pot (approx.3ft inc. pot)  39.99 (B)   (9 in stock)

15L pot (approx. 3.5ft inc. pot) 49.99 (B)  

Figs make lovely plants for the garden in the UK - with their bold and distinctive foliage throughout the growing season, Ficus Brown Turkey is fully hardy and will produce ripe figs in the UK climate. Plant against a south or west facing wall for fully ripe fruit.

15L pot 5ft on fan trellis 79.99 (E)   (2 only)

25L pot (approx. 10ft  inc. pot , 3ft-4ft spread) 149.99 (E) ( 1 only)

Leycesteria formosa GOLDEN LANTERNS - Golden Himalayan Honeysuckle
Hardy & Exotic Perennial growing to 5-6ft!

The Himalayan Honeysuckle, Leycesteria formosa, is a must for the exotic garden or unusual back border. This is a real show plant, growing to 5-6ft, possibly higher, and covered in extraordinary pendulous white and red-purple flowers in June / July. In the autumn months purple berries form on the stems, and during a mild winter, the stems can stay on all winter. This is the GOLD LEAF form Golden Lanterns.

10Litre  pot (just repotted in Autumn) , 5ft specimens 39.99 (B)   

Leycesteria formosa PURPLE RAIN -
Hardy & Exotic Perennial growing to 5-6ft!

This is the Purple Rain hybrid of the Himalayan Honeysuckle, producing more purple flowers, and lighter green foliage with a red tinge in Spring.

10Litre  pot, 4ft-5ft specimens 29.99 (B)   

Musa basjoo- Hardy Banana Tree
The Japanese Banana, Musa basjoo is one of only a few species of banana that will survive outdoors in the UK. These banana plants are grown for their spectacular, exotic foliage up to 2 metres in length. We have grown Musa basjoo for many years now, and it is so rewarding seeing that trunk thicken each year, and the plant get ever more larger and magnificent. They will also produce offspring which can split in mid-summer from the parent plant, and planted. These Hardy Banana Trees WILL FRUIT in this country when large enough (approx. 9-12ft). Protect the trunk (not leaves) with horticultural white fleece over winter.

12Litre  pot  , approx. 5ft-6ft inc. leaves and pot (approx. 3ft trunk) (shown in bottom  photo), shipped with 1-2 leaves at top 49.99 (E)  (available again Spring 2019)

Nandina domestica - Sacred Bamboo / Heavenly Bamboo
The Sacred or Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina domestica, is actually not a bamboo, but is a very fascinating and beautiful shrub from Japan and China, that forms bamboo like stems, with green foliage at the tips that turn a stunning red and orange in the winter months. It is non-invasive, and grows to only 5-6ft and makes a fabulous plant for the front of border, for the patio, and is a must in the Japanese style garden.

This Sacred Bamboo also FLOWERS white in Spring/Summer, and produces red berries for the autumn. 

3litre (approx. 2-3ft inc. pot) 15.99 (A)

10litre (approx. 6ft inc. pot) 59.99 (E) ( 1 only)

Olive Tree - Hardy Olea
With its evergreen blue green leaves, the olive tree makes a lovely companion to the exotic and jungle plants. Fully hardy - it requires free draining soil (dig sand and gravel into your existing bed). Water in summer only.

12Litre  pot  5.5ft  inc. pot, 1ft-2ft head standard 49.99 (B)    

Paulownia tomentosa  - Foxglove Tree

The Paulownia tomentosa is a favourite at Silk Tree Nurseries because of its stunning jungle like foliage, and can be used to great effect in the Jungle or Exotic garden. This beautiful tree bears very unique and spectacular flowers BEFORE the leaves which resemble foxgloves growing from the branches. You can grow this lovely tree in two ways - as an upright specimen tree where it will grow to a substantial height in a short period, or coppice it to grow it as a large shrub / bush. To produce flowers: You mustn't prune it, as the flowers are produced on last years wood. To produce massive 3ft+ diameter leaves: Prune it! Do this in the winter months when the tree is dormant (Dec-Feb) cutting into the hardwood, prune to approx. 3-4ft. This will be at the expense of the flowers, but will produce very very large leaves.

3-4ft plants, 5Litre pots  29.99 (A) -

Phormium pupurea  - Purple New Zealand Flax

A fabulous EVERGREEN foliage plant, New Zealand Flax is clump forming, and makes a superb patio plant, or exotic border specimen. Surprisingly hardy, you should have little problems over wintering this Phormium in a sunny spot in the garden (in free draining soil) .They make ideal jungle and exotic style garden plants.  This is the purple leaf version. 

10Litre  pot  5ft  inc. pot 59.99 (B)    

Phormium tenax - New Zealand Flax

The green leaf species  EVERGREEN foliage plant New Zealand Flax which is clump forming, and makes a superb patio plant, or exotic border specimen. One of the hardiest phormiums being the species plant.

10Litre  pot  6ft  inc. pot 79.99 (B)    

Pieris Carnival  - Evergreen

Pieris 'Carnival' is a beautiful and distinctive EVERGREEN shrub for the back border or patio display. Unusual variegated green and white leaves and flowers are lily-of-the-valley like in their appearance and come in clusters in Spring.Pieris do well in half shade, and are not fussy about soil types, although prefer acidic.  We also offer the Katsura pieris, click here.

10Litre  pot, 3ft specimens 39.99 (B)   

Trachycarpus fortunei  - Fortune's Palm
 Essential, single stemmed, OUTDOOR palm for the UK. Dark green fan leaves up to 1m across. Larger specimens are becoming ever more popular, and their hardiness is unquestionable.  Can be fast growing (for a palm), even in the UK climate. Plant in a free draining soil (gravel / sand / compost mix) - they do not like their feet  in water over winter. Can also be kept happily indoors at any time, in good light. The bottom left photo shows one  of our larger specimens.

5litre (just repotted)  YOUNG PALM TREES approx. 18inches-2ft  inc. pot (3inch trunk)    14.99 (A)   ( 20 in stock)

15litre approx. 3.5ft-4ft inc. pot (no trunks, but multiple trunks forming at base)    49.99 (B)   ( 8 in stock)

35litre 5.5ft palm (inc. pot) , 30inch  trunk 149.99 (E)   (1 only)

Trachycarpus wagnerianus
 Another fully hardy OUTDOOR palm for the UK.  Usually single stem, and a little slower growing than fortunei. This form has notably more straight leaves than fortunei. Hardy to at least -25C, you wont have any problems planting this outdoors in free draining soil.

30litre plants 6.5ft palms (2.5ft-3ft trunks) 299.99 (E)  

Virburnum rhytidophyllum - Chinese Leatherleaf

A reliable evergreen specimen shrub, this type of Viburnum has a wide variety of uses, and is ideal in the back border, in the jungle style garden, as a hedge, or as a standalone potted specimen on a patio. Large long leaves are evergreen and different colour on top and bottom of the leaf, and this species produces a mass of small white flowers in Spring, followed by red berries in Autumn which turn colour over winter. (We also offer another viburnum at this size; Kilimanjaro Sunrise, please see our Japanese Plants section, click here)

30litre size (approx. 7ft inc. pot, 3ft spread)  - 145.00 (E) ( 3 in stock)

Yucca gloriosa variegata - Golden Sword

This stunning architectural plant is grown for its bold sword like foliage and makes an ideal plant for a desert garden or a jungle garden, where it can be grown in a raised bed of gravel and sand. Keep very dry over winter and plant in free draining soil. Very slow growing. Stunning, tall flower spikes in summer up to 6ft high. - very hardy, we have had these down to -12C last winter!

3litre plants  14.99 (A)  


Yucca rostrata

Yucca rostrata, sometimes called the Beaked Yucca, is a very hardy yucca for the UK garden, or can be used as a patio exotic. With stunning blue sword like leaves, and an amazing straw like trunk, these Yuccas make a real statement in the garden. Hardy to approx. -20C, but must be planted in a free draining soil (use sand, grit and compost to break up clay soils). The Top photo shows some of the ones we have available  (without trunks) and the bottom photo shows our larger size which is now sold out.

12litre (approx. 3ft-4ft inc. pot, NO TRUNK)  79.99 (E)  

15litre (approx. 5ft inc. pot, 21inch trunk)   


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