Grasses  & bamboo make  ideal   additions to many different planting schemes, including the exotic, cottage, and display garden. They range in size, shape, colour, and growth rates and can create a magnificent sculptural effect in the garden with little effort,. Relatively work free, they are perfect for the low maintenenance garden, and can add  colourful shade  to a patio or  balcony.

BAMBOOS  -    all   sizes include the pot.
Arrow  Bamboo   (Large Leaf) - Bambusa metake
The   large   leaved Bambusa metake is one of my favourite bamboos, with it's lush olive green stems, and large, deep green leaves that keep their colour over winter, giving a lush, green backdrop  to any border or screen. These large leaved Arrow Bamboos are perfect for the small garden, with an average height in the UK climate of 7-8ft. They make an excellent bamboo   screen because of their dense foliage, and can withstand temperatures as low as  -24C.

7Litre  pot,  3ft-4ft  specimens  29.99 (B)    (2 only)


Black  -     Phyllostachys nigra
One of the most sought after Bamboos for instant screening, is the spectacular BLACK bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra. Young stems ripen with age turning jet black. Evergreen through the winter, this non-invasive bamboo will provide a centrepiece for any garden, or use as a screen for instant privacy in a small garden. 
The dramatic black bamboo will enchant any garden design, from small London patio planted in a tall, straight, steel pot to a country estate planted in drifts to frame a sub tropical garden, to a classic English cottage garden. 

10Litre  pot,  approx. 7ft-8ft  (inc. pot) specimens 59.99 (B) 

Green Hedging  - Phyllostachys bissetti
Phyllostachys  bissetii is an often hard to find bamboo, and a much underused one. In our opinion at Silk Tree Nurseries, this is the BEST bamboo for screening. It is vigorous, but not classed as invasive, it is very hardy (down to -24C!), but it's best feature is that it grows many culms (canes) that are densely packed to create a barrier, that is difficult to penetrate (so ideal for security)  and thick with foliage so that you cannot see through it. This is a medium sized bamboo growing to 6-8metres, but can be pruned to any height.

12Litre  pot,  approx. 7ft-9ft (inc. pot) 59.99 (E)   (7 in stock)

GOLDEN / YELLOW  BAMBOO Phyllostachys aureosulcata aureocaulis / spectabillis
The stunning Golden Crookstem Bamboo is a medium height bamboo, which has very distinctive red and gold / green striped golden culms in spring, with very yellow canes maturing throughout the season.  This is a very hardy bamboo, and our UK grown specimens have been through -10C ,  having been grown outside all weathers.

12Litre  pot, approx. 6ft-8ft inc. pot 59.99 (E) (9 in stock)

GRASSES - all sizes include the pot.
Carex Amazon Mist

Our favourite carex grass, with wispy silver green foliage and delicate seed heads - plant in groups.

2litre pot  £5.99 (A) 

  Festuca glauca

A stunning BLUE grass forming a weeping mound.

2litre pot  5.99 (A) 

Miscanthus Zebrinus  - Japanese Striped Grass

Large growing Japanese Grass with variegated white and green leaves, growing to 5ft.

10litre pot  (cut back  in winter/ early Spring) 24.99 (B)   ( 4 only)

Ophiopogon  nigrescens - BLACK GRASS

A very distinctive grass for all sorts of uses in the exotic or jungle garden, and also to line pathways. Black foliage and small black berries. Low growing, spreading habit (but not invasive).

2litre pot size - 6.99 (A)

  Uncinia unc. rubra - Red  Grass

A lovely tussock forming evergreen grass, low growing, shades of red and brown.

THREE x 3litre pot  25.00 (B)  ( 2 only, 6 in stock)



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