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We stock over 1000 ferns at Silk Tree Nurseries, of over 25 species and can supply ferns in quantity for large garden projects and landscapers.  We supply ground ferns in small sizes (9cm pots) up to 10litre specimens, and we also stock the magnificent tree ferns, Dicksonia antarctica.

GUNNERA MANICATA -  Giant  Elephants Foot Plant

Gunnera , sometimes  known as the Elephants Foot Plant, is a true monster for the garden - it makes a spectacular backdrop to a fernery garden design, and, of course, comes into its own as a Jungle Garden plant. Originating from Brazil, it is in fact very hardy, easy to look after, and all it requires is a nice shady area that is very moist (or well watered). They thrive next to ponds, or in moist fernerys, but can also be used as shady patio container plants if kept in a tray of water. The dramatic foliage can reach up to 2metres across (that's the size of each leaf!), with flower spikes up to 4m high. In Winter, it dies right back to the crown, then starts all over again in Spring, becoming bigger each year.

3litre/5litre pot (supplied as root in winter)  12.99  (A) 

10litre pot (supplied as root in winter)  24.99  (B)



RHEUM  PALMATUM TANGUTICUM -  Giant Himalayan Rhubarb

Rhuem palmatum tanguticum is a  GIANT ornamental rhubarb from China / Tibet which is fully hardy in the UK. This fabulous plant has bright red undersides to the leaf, dark green above, and these large specimens will flower next year. .

The flower spike of these plants is truly magnificent - up to 8-9ft tall, in Spring, these large specimens are of FLOWERING SIZE. The flower spike is deep pink and lasts for about 2 weeks and will amaze everybody who sees them.

2litre pot  9.99 (A)  (supplied as root in autumn/winter)  

10litre pot (supplied as root in autumn/winter)   24.99 (B)

2litre size FERN COLLECTION - 6 or 12 ferns

From our large collection of ferns at the nursery, we will select 6 or 12  of the best DECIDUOUS and EVERGREEN ferns for this 2litre pot size collection. Fully hardy - cut back fronds in early Spring.

SIX   2ltr  ferns 29.99 (A)   TWELVE   2ltr  ferns 54.99 (A)  

10litre size FERN COLLECTION - 6 or 10 ferns

From our large collection of ferns at the nursery, we will select 6 or 10  of the best DECIDUOUS and EVERGREEN ferns for this 10litre pot size collection. Fully hardy - cut back fronds in early Spring.

SIX   10ltr  ferns 124.99 (C)  

Asplenium scolopendrium - Harts Tounge  Fern

The very distinctive and exotic Harts Tounge Fern has large sword like leaves light green in colour which can shoot up to 2ft in height in a good moist position - however, these ferns can also grow in extreme drought, clinging to the side of vertical walls, and making homes in mortar. This is a native fern to Britain, and does very well in any shady, moist ground. 

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

  Asplenium scolopendrium angustifolia - Spiral Harts Tounge  Fern

Very similar to the above Harts Tounge fern, but with lovely twisted and curled leaves. A lovely addition to any fernery or shade border.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Asplenium tricomanes

A beautiful small fern which tolerates dry conditions.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Blechnum spicant - Deer Fern

A very distinctive fern with dark green fronds, that are evergreen, forming a ladder like shape on each frond.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Crytomium fortunei - Japanese Holly Fern

A bold, unusual fern with distinct segmented fronds resembling holly. Growing to 2ft, ideal in a medium border position, but also happy in a container on a shady patio.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Dryopteris affinis

A larger growing fern to 4ft, with a 3ft spread, classed as semi-evergreen.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

  Dryopteris affinis crispa - Scaly Fern

A lower growing fern with distinctive whorled fronds.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Dryopteris atrata (cycadina) - Japanese Wood Fern

A distinctive tall frond fern with dark black  scales  covering the stalks which contrast with the leathery, dark green colour of the fronds. Strong growing.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Dryopteris affinis Pinderi - Golden Male Fern

A lovely semi-evergreen fern growing eventually to 90cm.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Dryopteris cristata The King - King Fern

A large growing (3-4ft) fern with distinctive crested fronds, very hardy, and able to withstand dryer sites.

2litre fern 5.99 (A)

25ltr  fern 49.99 (C)  

Dryopteris ethyrosa

The Japanese Autumn Fern is native to China and Japan, and is also known as the Blood Red Fern for it's beautiful pink, copper, or red young fronds at the beginning of the season, which make a wonderful contrast to the greens of the other hardy ferns.  This is an EVERGREEN fern, with fronds turning bronze as they mature, and then colouring yellow over winter.

2litre fern 5.99 (A)

Dryopteris linearis polydacta - Skeleton Fern

The unusual Skeleton Fern has wispy, skeletal like fronds which are semi-evergreen to deciduous depending on the winter and location. Growing to 3-4ft this is an ideal back border fern. 

2litre fern 5.99 (A)  

Dryopteris lepidota cristata - Wood Fern

A medium sized, semi-evergreen fern with dark green fronds.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Dryopteris wallichiana - HIMALAYAN BLACK STEM FERN

The Himalayan Black Stem Ferns, Dryopteris wallichiana, are spectacular fern species for the mid fernery with large black haired  fronds up to 4ft in height, and this fern can form a small trunk after a few years in the ground.. Beautiful light green fronds turn to deep green as the season progresses and contrast well with the black, hairy stems.

10ltr  fern approx. 24.99 (B)  


The elegant and stately Ostrich or Shuttlecock fern is one of our  favourite ferns, and makes an ideal fern for mid-border or back border of a shaded moist bed or fernery. This fern makes a unique 'shuttlecock' shape of fronds, the fronds standing very much more upright than other fern species. The Ostrich fern spreads by underground rhizomes, so you will have these very architectural ferns coming up with 1 or 2ft between each as they slowly spread. These ferns can grow up to 3ft high with 4ft long fronds when established.

2lre fern 5.99 (A)

Polypodium vulgare

An unusual, 'fat' frond, lobed, light green in Spring on this strong growing clumping fern.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

  Polysticum braunii

A distinctive, dense dark green evergreen fern.

2ltr  fern  5.99 (A)  

Polystichum Herranhausen -

A beautiful evergreen fern with fine feathery fronds which looks more suited to indoors than outdoors, but is fully hardy in the UK. A strong growing fern to 3ft-4ft.

10litre size fern  24.99 (B)

Polystichum makinoi - Japanese Holly Fern

A clumping, strong growing fern producing neat whorls of evergreen fronds.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

Polystichum polyblepharum - Japanese Tassel Fern

A strong growing, large fern with bold, 2-3ft fronds when mature.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

  Polystichum setiferum

A beautiful large growing fern.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

  Polystichum tsus-simense - Korean Rock Fern

A dwarf variety, growing to no more than 30-40cm, with lovely silver underside to the fronds.

2ltr  fern 5.99 (A)  

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