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Our selection of climbing roses is chosen for form, fragrance, and flowering time, and we are one of the few nurseries offering these roses in the large  5ft-10ft sizes, so they will make an instant impact in any garden. All supplied in their pots.

  Climbing Roses
BLUE MOON - Lavender Blue

A lovely variety of  lavender blue double blooms which are large, and strongly scented, and flower for an extended period into autumn.

7litre pot (approx. 5ft inc. pot) - SINGLE STEM  29.99 (B)

DANCE  DE FEU -  Pure Red

A beautiful double red form, lightly scented, and a vigorous grower. Will flower for a long period all through summer.

7litre pot (approx. 5ft inc. pot)  34.99 (B) (5 in stock)


A classic climbing rose that produces coral red flowers and a wonderful  fragrance.

3litre pot  9.99 (A)

GOLDILOCKS - Golden Yellow

A stunning golden form, fading to pale yellow with long lasting flowers well into autumn. Single flowers, lightly scented.

15litre pot (approx. 9ft-10ft  inc. pot) 79.99 (E)   (2 in stock)

ICEBERG (Schneewittchen) - White

A very reliable mass flowering white rose with double flowers that are mildly scented flowering from June to September.

15litre pot approx. 9ft-10ft inc. pot 79.99 (E)   (2 in stock)


MICHELLE MELLIAND is a large flowered double creamy pink fragrant climbing rose

15litre pot approx. 9ft-10ft inc. pot 79.99 (E)   (2 in stock)

NEWFLASH  - Orange

NEWSFLASH is a beautiful ORANGE flowered rose with large blooms which are fragrant.

5litre pot approx. 5.5ft-6ft  49.99 (E)  

SALLY HOLMES - White / Subtle Pink Centre

SALLY HOLMES is a single cream white variety grown for its almost continuous flowering period from late Spring into Autumn, free flowering.

15litre pot (approx.7ft inc. pot) 69.99 (E)   (2 in stock)


SCHOOLGIRL is a beautiful apricot, pale orange variety (fading to pink) with large 3-4inch double blooms,  scented, with long lasting flowers into early autumn.   Large plants will be a wall of colour from late Spring until the first frosts!

7litre pot (approx.6ft inc. pot) 49.99 (E)   (7 in stock)


SWAN LAKE - White / Subtle Pink Centre

A regal, large, white form with delicate pale pink centre.

3litre pot   9.99 (A)

10litre pot  4ft-5ft inc. pot  29.99 (B)

Zephirine Drouhin - Deep pink

Masses  of deep pink, fragrant flowers. Reliable and long lasting, ideal for a cold wall position.

7litre pot  5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (B)

7litre pot  6.5ft  inc. pot  59.99 (E)


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