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Our selection of climbing roses is chosen for form, fragrance, and flowering time, and we are one of the few nurseries offering these roses in the large  5ft-10ft sizes, so they will make an instant impact in any garden. All supplied in their pots.

  Climbing Roses
BLUE MOON - Lavender Blue

A lovely variety of  lavender blue double blooms which are large, and strongly scented, and flower for an extended period into autumn.

7litre pot (approx. 5ft inc. pot) - SINGLE STEM   29.99 (B)

DANCE  DE FEU -  Pure Red

A beautiful double red form, lightly scented, and a vigorous grower. Will flower for a long period all through summer.

7litre pot (approx. 4ft-5ft inc. pot)  29.99 (B) (1 in stock)


A classic climbing rose that produces coral red flowers and a wonderful  fragrance.

3litre pot  9.99 (A)

GOLDILOCKS - Golden Yellow

A stunning golden form, fading to pale yellow with long lasting flowers well into autumn. Single flowers, lightly scented.

15litre pot (approx. 7ft  inc. pot) 69.99 (E)   (3 in stock)

ICEBERG (Schneewittchen) - White

A very reliable mass flowering white rose with double flowers that are mildly scented flowering from June to September.

7litre pot (approx. 5ft inc. pot)  29.99 (B) (6 in stock)


MICHELLE MELLIAND is a large flowered double creamy pink fragrant climbing rose

15litre pot approx. 7ft 69.99 (E)  

NEWFLASH  - Orange

NEWSFLASH is a beautiful ORANGE flowered rose with large blooms which are fragrant.

5litre pot approx. 5.5ft-6ft  49.99 (E)  

SALLY HOLMES - White / Subtle Pink Centre

SALLY HOLMES is a single cream white variety grown for its almost continuous flowering period from late Spring into Autumn, free flowering.

15litre pot (approx.7ft inc. pot) 69.99 (E)   (1 in stock)


SWAN LAKE - White / Subtle Pink Centre

A regal, large, white form with delicate pale pink centre.

3litre pot   9.99 (A)

10litre pot  4ft-5ft inc. pot  29.99 (B)

Zephirine Drouhin - Deep pink

Masses  of deep pink, fragrant flowers. Reliable and long lasting, ideal for a cold wall position.

7litre pot  5ft  inc. pot  29.99 (B)

7litre pot  6.5ft  inc. pot  59.99 (E)


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